#abookandagameaday: Tuesday 1/7/2020, Gameschooling Day of 2020 #2


Tuesdays we do math for our gameschooling. So we played Qwirkle and 7Ate9. I love Qwirkle because it’s strategy and patterns. I love 7Ate9 because it hopefully motivates kids to get their adding and subtracting math facts down. The game goes fast so it gets wild and furious. Fun!

We also listened to Dick Van Dyke read aloud Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest, thanks to YouTube.

I love reading Christmas books after Christmas. I got this book used at a thrift store years ago. It comes with a CD of him reading it aloud, but mine was missing after I moved here. Lo and behold, it’s all on YouTube. I’m totally going to start our own family’s Giving Chest. It’s basically a Vision Board but it’s supposed to be of things you want to give away, whether it’s money, tangibles, or acts of service. So wonderful! It’s also a great companion to the tradition we already have, The Christmas Jar. (P.S. I just found the missing CD. Hooray!) We will probably start with a box decorated to look like a chest. Then hopefully I will find a nicer one at a low price when I’m out thrifting.





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