Here’s a God-based Scientific Model that is Revolutionizing the World

This past week dh and I attended an amazing lecture about a new scientific model that is changing the world! The lecture was mind-blowing! You know how it is when you learn something that blows you away because it sounds so true, simple, and abolishes complicated and unreasonable things that you have been taught were true? This happened multiple times during this lecture. The whole evening as I was at this lecture I just felt that something magical was happening. All of our minds were opening up to the idea that the word of God in the Bible really does jive with science. I have a bachelor’s degree in science, so I am particularly interested in it. Decades ago,

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before I graduated from college, I had decided how to fit science in with the Bible. I decided that in order for the age of the earth purported by science to go with the age of the earth you get when you calculate the people’s ages going back to Adam and Eve, then this earth must have been created with pieces of earth-like material that dated before Adam and Eve. So, in other words, that God created the earth with pieces of planet material that were floating in space before this earth began. That theory was addressed at this lecture and it satisfied me.

This lecture was so much fun because as the presenters presented, I was thinking of how to connect the dots, wondering about how dinosaurs and quartz and the Universal Flood all fit together. It was fun to be thinking about the puzzle and then have it all solved at the end.

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Dean Sessions and Rod Meldrum presented the lectures at this particular meeting.  I got to personally talk to Dean after the meeting. Dean is the creator of the model, and author of the Universal Model books, which will eventually comprise three volumes. Rod has been his research assistant. Both Dean and Rod referred to the Bible during their presentations. They radiate a pure spirit, humbly seeking truth.

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Here are some of the things I learned at this meeting. I don’t want to be a spoiler and give away details, for the details I highly encourage you to buy Dean’s books available here, or watch the video I have here on this post, or go listen to the radio interviews I have linked at the bottom of this post:

-what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs

-how fossils were made and how they can be made in days

-where the typical dating of the age of earth came from and how that connects to Arizona

-a little bit about how Einstein’s theory of relativity is not true

-the source of high and low pressure systems that causes the change in weather patterns

-what is really inside the earth’s core, not magma

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-is global warming for real?

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Here is a video of a different lecture below from the Universal Model team that mentions some of the same things I heard this past week. I live out in the boonies of southern AZ so I truly feel blessed to be able to find a meeting of such educational significance only an hour’s drive from my home! (My wonderful Veggie Gal friend Shauna tuned me into it. Thank you Shauna!  I miss going to all the educational meetings I used to be able to attend on the Wasatch Front. Thank goodness for the Internet so I can find videos and podcasts on all the subjects I am interested in!)

If you go to Dean’s web site,, you can order his first volume, about the earth system, with a coupon code “firmfoundation” and save 20%  off. The digital book is available now, and the hard copy will ship in the spring. You can preorder the hard copy now, or get the digital copy and read it today!

You can read a blog post Dean’s son wrote about climate change/global warming here.

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I encourage you to read this Universal Model declaration of principles, and then go sign to add your agreement to this declaration.

UM Declaration

For more than 100 years, no new natural law has been identified. The purpose of true science is to describe and explain nature so that we can understand and comprehend it by identifying natural law.

We declare the following:

1 – Modern science has been in a crisis and a Dark Age for over 100 years.
2 – Modern science is built on a foundation of false theory.
3 – In general, modern science is not searching for new natural law.
4 – We need a ‘New Millennial Science’.

We affirm the great need for a scientific revolution by establishing the foundation of science on observation and experimentation, rather than philosophy and speculation, in order to discover new natural law. We hereby declare the overwhelming need for a ‘New Millennial Science’ and call on the scientific community to step up to the original standards of true science as re-established by the Universal Model.

Sign here to say that you agree with this declaration, and then go here to sign up for the UM newsletter. You can also get a basic introduction to the UM here.

Here are three presentations by Dean and friends:

May the truth be with you!

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