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Who wants to discuss Laddie? I remember listening to this on audio when my first family of kids were young. Now it is 10 years later and I am raising the younger half of my family. I seriously can’t remember how this book ends so it’s like I’m reading this book for the first time! I am wanting to discuss this with people who love this book as much as I do. What I do remember is how much family love and warmth ooze from this book.

What else do I love about this book? I love that it involves healthy brother/sister relationships.  Laddie is the ideal big brother. He is so kind and strong and protective. I love that! I also love that the sister who gets married chooses to get married in her home because she loves her home and thinks it’s the best place in the world, so why would she choose to get married in a place she doesn’t love as much, like a church? Then I love how the family rallies around to get the home ready for lots of company. Of course, it’s not like the house was super dirty.

I love the part about the neighbor who is trying to be sold “kivvers” for the graves of her departed family members, and Laddie’s mom helps her realize that she doesn’t need them. She explains that it’s best just to have grass and wildflowers on the ground over the graves, instead of some metal that really serves no purpose and will just rust when it rains. That whole story reminds me of my friend Joyce and  her passion for funeral consumer advocacy.I also love how the family is big and the kids have fun working and playing together. I also love the descriptions of nature and that it gives us a slice of childhood without screens when kids would just wander around in nature. I also love the descriptions of the different romances going on and what makes up true manhood and womanhood. The book is about 3/4ths autobiographical. The author is Little Sister in the book.

Here is my friend Audrey’s take on the book:


Here are the discussion questions that Audrey suggests. Please be thinking about them as you read the book. (By the way, check out Audrey’s web site here,

Discussion Questions:
1- How can we love those that are different from us? What could the Stanton’s have done differently with their relationship with the ‘Princess” family?
2- Why is Laddie so determined to have the ‘Princess’? Why does she avoid him? What does he do to try and win her? What principles of courtship did you find?
3- What makes father’s prayers so powerful? How can we connect more to God?

So who will join me for a discussion of this book? Come join me to discuss how wonderful this book is!

Wed. March 29, 2017

7 PM Mountain Time

comment below and I will send you the link to the online video chatroom



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5 Responses to Laddie Book Discussion Group

  1. Marilynn Heuser says:

    This is a great story. Its been a while since I have read the book too! I think my younger kids will like it.


  2. Lauri muse says:

    How do we register


    • treeoflifemama says:

      by putting a comment like you did above you are “registered.” I will send you an email to the link to the online classroom a few days before the event.


  3. Jorgina Hancock says:

    Lydia and I will be listening to the book and want to be included in the discussion


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