Countdown to Easter Day #5: Lost in the Canyon


Today’s Countdown to Easter story is about being rescued. This picture comes from a day when my kids and I ventured up the canyon just 10 minutes from my home on a rare snowy day here in southern AZ. Our minivan got stuck in the snow but some kind souls stopped to help pull us out so we could go home. Each of us at some time in our life, no matter how smart, famous, beautiful, rich, fashionable or cute we are, will get stuck and depend on someone else to rescue us. Ultimately, each of us are stuck in death and sin and depend on our Savior Jesus Christ, who is sinless, to rescue us. At Easter time we celebrate our Savior’s rescuing grace.

I love this story from the New Era, the youth magazine for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, about some youth who got stuck in a snowy canyon and then were rescued. Rescue situations are very real and scary. I rejoice whenever I hear of someone being rescued. It just serves to remind me of how precarious our mortal situation is and that we are dependent on Jesus Christ for everything we have and can be. This is great news because Jesus wants us to have everything He and the Father have, and we can, if we follow Jesus and do what He asks us to do. See Romans 8:16-17.


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