Countdown to Easter Day #4: Visual Helps for Memorizing the Living Christ Document

Countdown to Easter Day #4 involves a resource to help you memorize the document written by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the LDS Church called “The Living Christ.” My younger kids and I memorized this for Christmas a few years ago, and at least once a year at Christmas or Easter I like to review it during our poetry memorization time as part of our homeschool morning devotional.



I also like to review it in my mind during the passing of the sacrament every Sunday. Just go here to get pdfs of pictures and fill-in-the blank sheets.  I like to keep the pdf on my iPad and pull it up at Christmas and Easter. I like that the creator has sections with all the words and pictures, and then just the pictures without the words. I like to use the pictures without words as memory prompts as I zoom in on the picture to show the kids and then recite the words together.



I love that these families in the videos above and below memorized the document together. The two above put the words to a song. If you Google it, you can different tunes people have created to go with the words. Here is one that I found from Jenny Richards.

The second family, the Okleberrys,  memorized it to present it to their Mom for a Christmas gift. Then the family of Sister Neill F. Marriott memorized it at Christmas time. LaDawn Jacob would approve!




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