More on the New Digital Cash Envelope System called Qube!

Hey, so it’s not too late to buy lifetime access to Qube, the new digital cash envelope app, and get a discount! The opportunity to get lifetime access to Qube for a flat fee paid up front ends March 31st! Note: Because of COVID-19, development of Qube has been delayed. It will be launched this summer, and lifetime membership is on sale through that time. 

For now…after Jan. 31, the price goes up like this:

Here’s how pricing will be different in February:

  • January’s Premium Price goes up from $192 to $216
  • January’s Family price of $274 to $324

Pay for two years of the monthly subscription upfront and you’ll get lifetime access to the Qube Money app! After the launch, lifetime memberships are going away and the monthly subscription will be $8/month and $15/month.

After that, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Imagine if you could have bought Amazon Prime for life or Netflix. This is the same kind of opportunity!

I’m so excited for this app to be released! It helps people to get out of debt, save for, and buy the things that really matter, ALL with the convenience of a debit card, with no chance of overspending.

Having spent  3 1/2 of the last four years getting out of debt, using cash to pay for everything at the grocery store, I am drooling at this system for you people who still have the journey of paying off debt. This system makes it easier!

Right now the price for the Lifetime Premium plan is $192 and will go up to $216 on Feb. 1.

Through the month of Feb. the price is $216, until March 1, when the price goes up to $240.

At the end of March, Lifetime access ends and the app will only be available for a monthly subscription fee.  The prices mentioned below apply through the summer of 2020. 

You can get either the Lifetime Premium plan, which allows the app to be shared between two people in the same household, or the Lifetime Family plan, which involves everything in the premium plan, plus debit cards for up to 10 kids and in-app chore tracking.

The Lifetime Premium Plan is on sale for $216.

The Lifetime Family Plan is on sale for $324. See all the details here.

After the launch, the app will be available only by a subscription:

Premium: $8 a month/ or $96 a year

Family: $15 a month/ or $180 a year

You can read my full description about Qube here, and watch the videos above and below. Then go here to buy and use the discount code CELESTIA25.

Qube has a blog here with some great tips on budgeting. Yeah, I know budgeting isn’t a fun word, but it does allow for a lot of fun things plus peace of mind. In the end, that is the best fun!



The app used to be called ProActive. It had a few problems so those are being fixed and the new version will be released this spring with the new name of Qube.  here’s a video with the founder, Ryan, showing how it works.



As he says, Qube will require you to think before you spend, but give you the convenience of using a debit card. You can’t overspend with the system, and transactions are faster with a card. The best of both worlds! You can see your whole budget on your phone, spend with a card, and have the app keep track of it all, ultimately buying what matters most.





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