Best Financial App for Your Family Ever! New! It’s a Digital Cash Envelope System!


Have you ever wanted to use the cash envelope system? But it seems too cumbersome?

This post is long, so if you are short on time, watch the video above and go here to learn more in a snapshot of time. If you have more time, read on about my backstory and why I’m so excited about Qube! Qube is a new financial app that will help you get out of debt, know how much money you have at a glance, in each budgeting category, see what your spouse is spending, and then save a lot of money so you can be financially free forever more!



I have used the cash envelope system for almost four years now. I’m so grateful for it. That’s how my husband and I finally got control of our finances so we could get out of debt last June. You can read the start of my story here, and all about the end of our journey, with my pretty DIY cash envelope here.

The cash envelope wallet is great because it forces you to get in touch with your money, see it, touch it, and even count it, before you spend it.

As great as the cash envelope wallet is, let’s face the drawbacks. It’s hard to pay cash at the gas station when you are a young mom and don’t want to leave your children in the car to go pay inside with cash…or unbuckle all of them to go pay only to have to buckle them all up again. It’s also impossible to pay online with cash. If you lose your envelope wallet, you are out of luck.

Wouldn’t be nice to have the budgeting, organizational features of the envelope system, as well as the physicality of being required to see if you have enough money in a category before you spend it, with the convenience of a debit card that is attached to the envelope system? So that when you buy from amazon, the money you spent is immediately deducted from your envelope system?

Have you ever wished that you could integrate all of your money systems? So that all your money, anything you usually pay with cash, your digital money, like PayPal,  your checking account, and your savings, are all controlled by an app on your phone? On top of that, do you want the money you spent tracked automatically, so you have an instant ledger? Have you wished that you could have a fund of money that your children can access, with a debit card, like when they go on a trip, so they can buy food with a card, but not overspend?

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Dream no longer…that app is coming to the world this spring of 2020! It’s called Qube! It’s a digital envelope system tied to a debit card!

So many personal finance apps clamor for your attention out there.

Many of them are either:

a) difficult to use

b) don’t change behavior


c) only show you what you’ve spent but don’t actually help you budget.

Fortunately, there’s a new budgeting app that is changing all of that!

It’s called Qube Money.

Qube Money is the world’s first banking system that controls spending, eliminates debt, and creates a healthy financial environment just by using the app, shared by family members.

The Qube Money app provides digital envelopes we call Qubes. This app includes budgeting envelopes in digital form tied to a physical debit card, debt payoff tools, and kid cards with family access. The ultimate goal is to create harmony when spending while strengthening relationships and building financial independence.

This new app launches in the spring but right now, the company, Qube, is offering lifetime memberships. You’ll get access to all of the premium features and you’ll only have to pay once!

You can also save 25% off the price if you use the coupon code CELESTIA25.

After it launches in March, lifetime membership access will end and the only thing available will be the monthly subscription.

Imagine how cool it would have been to get a lifetime membership to Amazon Prime if you like to shop online, or a lifetime membership to Netflix if you like to watch movies. Wouldn’t you have loved to have locked that lifetime membership in at a super low price?

Qube will change the way you use money just as Prime and Netflix have changed the shopping and entertaining habits of the masses. This is something you will want to use multiple times a day to manage your money! You can get it now for the lowest price it will ever be! Go here to learn more. This introductory price goes up in 4 days!

A pilot version of the app has already helped thousands of people be more intentional with spending. Qube is on a mission to help married couples with harmony in their spending so it is on a mission to decrease the divorce rate by 1%.

What others are saying about the Qube app:

“I have been using a pilot of this product for a couple of months. I like it that both my wife and I can spend money and both see what is left over at any time. I can buy stuff on Amazon which I couldn’t do before from my cash envelopes. Although I have been using cash envelopes since 2003 when I went through Financial Peace University, I like this new system a whole lot better and don’t plan to switch back.”

“My wife and I are so excited to use Qube! Since the announcement of the restructure I have checked my inbox every day waiting for the announcement of the programs launch (even though you guys said it would be several months, haha). We have done cash envelopes for YEARS and are so beyond ready for Qube!”

If you’d like to learn more and become one of the first to use the new budgeting app, check out their offering here! 

So click on that link and save 25% off the price if you use the coupon code CELESTIA25

Don’t miss your chance to grab a lifetime membership before they’re gone! Go here to learn more and get it now! A limited number of lifetime membership are available. On December 9 the price goes up from $134 to $179! Family membership with unlimited kid cards are also on sale at an introductory price. Go here to read all the details and lock in the introductory, lifetime price! Remember, you can also save 25% off the price if you use the coupon code CELESTIA25

FTC Disclosure Statement: I receive an affiliate commission if you purchase this product through the above links. The price is the same to you, and the affiliate commission helps me pay for the cost of running this blog. Thank you and enjoy your quest for financial freedom!



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    Hi Celesia! This is a great write up of Qube Money. Thank you for sharing!


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