Dr. Mom Adventure #2: Attack of the Itchy Skin



I know I’ve had way more than 2 adventures of being Dr. Mom, but I didn’t start naming my Dr. Mom cures in a series until last year, with this post, about the killer cactus that attacked me remotely. Sometime I will have to start relabeling all the other posts I’ve done here on this blog about times I’ve been able to facilitate healing with holistic remedies. Then catch up and blog about all the other times I haven’t recorded yet.



Anyway, in the past 18 months I’ve had problems with my skin. First it was itching from bed bug bites, then the stinging and itching from the Bluetooth-enabled evil cactus on my wedding anniversary, and then just last month, I had this weird itchy rash.

I’m sharing what worked to relieve the itch in hopes it will help someone out there. Sometime in the middle of January, I got this strange rash right out of the blue, below my collarbone and above my breasts. It was red and SO itchy. I had not changed laundry soap or skin soap or deodorant or perfume. I had not eaten anything different, other than a fancy gourmet cheese that my married daughter had bought when she was here to celebrate New Year’s. I was totally mystified as to where this rash came from. Were the dreaded bed bugs back? No. I searched for any tell tale bed bug signs other than the itch and couldn’t find any.

I went to my trusty homeopathy remedy blog, by Joette Calabrese, to research skin issues. I found these different articles:

This one called, “Itchy Skin.”

This one, “Sickening Summer Rash,”

Then this one, “Let the Skin Be Our Guide,”

Then finally this one, “Everywhere an Itch, Itch,” which includes a podcast episode and the transcript of the podcast.

None of them completely matched my situation. I didn’t have “here an itch, there an itch, everywhere an itch, itch.” In other words, my skin didn’t itch all over. It just itched in that one location below my neck. It didn’t come from summer heat. It did feel better when I scratched it. The bumps were not even bumps, but irregular patches. You can’t really tell in the photo above. The patches don’t show up in the picture, it just looks red all over. Despite never finding an exact match for my situation I went ahead and tried Joette’s different recommendations. I used these different remedies, as mentioned in those posts: sulfur, urtica urens, antimonium crud, and ledum. sometimes in different potencies, just because I couldn’t always find the exact potencies she recommends at my store.

At first they seemed to work. My skin that was inflamed red seemed to calm down a bit, to look like this below, within minutes of taking the remedy. It doesn’t look red any more but the bumps are there.




Then, after a day, or two of using the different remedies, it seemed like the rash wasn’t getting better and I was just barely feeling relief. I still felt like scratching my skin to the point of bleeding to get relief! It was horrible! I ran out of the pellets that seemed to be barely relieving the pain the most (sulfur) and asked my husband to get more but they were out at the local health food store.

So I switched from using homeopathy to using essential oils. I remembered that when my five youngest children got the chicken pox 8 years ago this June what worked was oregano essential oil. The one child who I applied the oil to when the bumps first started erupting had a much milder case of the pox. He had much less itch and shorter duration of pox. The pox didn’t itch at all and scabbed over after just two days for him. I wish I had figured out to use the oregano oil with the kids who got it before him. I decided to use this remedy for myself. So I applied the oil to my strange bumps/patches, and then also used Redmond clay (mixed with water to form a paste), a hot cloth to keep the clay damp, a ziploc bag over that, and then a heating pad to keep this “poultice” warm. I held this to my rash and  then I was barely able to function at my other tasks. Many nights I had to apply this heated poultice in order to fall asleep.

The oregano oil gave a burning sensation for the first 20 minutes or so, but then my skin felt better. It was like the oil plus the heat and the clay numbed it so I couldn’t feel the itch. After reapplying this concoction a few times a day for about two days, the rash finally went away. It was like the oregano burned it away. The past few years my homeopathy remedies have outperformed my essential oils, but this time around, the essential oil gave more relief and cured the problem. So that’s what I did and I hope it helps someone! I haven’t had a problem since. I am so grateful! At one point of many rounds of Googling to find images of different skin rashes, it seemed like the closest image to what I had was a chronic, incurable skin disease. Nooo! That was too hopeless for me. I kept looking and experimenting.

I’m not sure if the homeopathy paved the way for the oregano to work, or maybe the oregano would have worked without the homeopathy.

Either way, I’m so grateful my rash cleared up! My heart goes out to all of you who suffer from chronic diseases. I hope you can find relief. I recommend Joette’s resources, especially the protocols she has learned from the Banerjis, a father and son team of medical doctors who practice in India and have a tremendous success rate of healing diseases, even those that appear to be incurable.

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