Attack of the Killer Cactus: Dr. Mom Adventure #1


See this cactus? It has its own kind of beauty, I admit. I love looking at the red berry things. I think they are prickly pears. They just look so exotic. On a recent family outing to play Frisbee golf, I stopped to admire this plant.  Yes, the Frisbee golf course is in the middle of a cactus field. That’s how it is here in AZ. As I stood staring at the cactus..something strange happened. I felt like I was being sucked into a cartoon where the cactus didn’t like me staring at it.

All of a sudden, it felt like the cactus reached out with one of its barbs and poked me!

While gazing at it, maybe even while I took the above photo, I felt this pain stabbing into my right foot. I was wearing sandals so my bare foot was mostly exposed. It must have been a red ant biting me, but when I examined my foot after getting to the car, I could not find any bite or red bump. I couldn’t find any barb either, or any hole where the bite or barb pierced me. All I know is, my foot hurt! If cacti can poke wirelessly via Bluetooth, this is what happened! Strange!

The pain was near excruciating. It felt like a vise was gripping the top and bottom of my foot near the toes, squeezing my foot in between its jaws for all its worth. I’ve never been bitten by a snake, but maybe this is what it feels like. It literally felt like venom had been injected into my foot, was gripping it, and then spreading up my leg.

Fortunately, I was blessed with two things in the moment:

  1. I had my smartphone with me to search for a homeopathy remedy that homeopathy guru Joette Calabrese recommends. I do this all the time. Whenever we have a health problem around here to solve,  I search using “joette calabrese (symptom)” I didn’t use “cactus bite,” I used “bug bite,” LOL!
  2. We were just minutes away from the health food store where I frequently buy my homeopathy remedies. (One of these days I am going to buy a kit so I don’t have to go there for every remedy I need, one at a time.)


This is one of my many recent  Dr. Mom homeopathy adventures, only this time, I was being Dr. Mom to myself! After consulting Joette virtually via her blog, this is what I bought:




I bought the Ledum for what supposedly was a bite, and the Apis for the swelling. It felt like my foot was swelling a lot more than what showed on the outside. My foot felt extremely tight with the skin stretched.


Immediately after taking 5 of each kind of the pellets, I felt the edge taken off the pain. Within 30 minutes, even though the edge was gone, the pain was still rather intense, so I took two more pellets of each kind. I took 2 of each kind every 30 minutes. This is not what the packaging said to do, it was my gut instinct. After 3 doses or so, within an hour and a half, the pain was nearly gone. I just felt a slight ache in my foot if I lifted my toes up. I was so grateful that the pain was pretty much gone. This was our 28th wedding anniversary, hence our outing for Frisbee golf. I had even bigger plans for the rest of the day, and I didn’t want the pain to interfere with the date night I had planned with just my husband to celebrate.

Because of the relief that the homeopathy gave me, I was able to go enjoy the homemade peach ice cream I had made for our family birthday party/wedding anniversary picnic. Then as the pain continued to be at abeyance, I went out with dear husband for dinner and movie, not distracted by the pain. The next day I found that taking both types of pellets in the morning as a preventive measure to supposedly stave off the pain actually made the pain come back. After consulting with a friend, I decided to just do the Apis. I took the regular recommended dosage and within a day there was no more swelling or pain at all.

So chalk up another Dr. Mom homeopathy victory to the books!

(In case you wanted to know, the movie we saw was The Art of Racing in the Rain.  It fit the bill perfectly for a romantic anniversary date night, as it is about marriage. I don’t agree with the worldview presented at the end but it was a great story about love in marriage and fatherhood, not to mention the love dog owners have for dogs. If you are weary of dog movies, you may want to skip it. )

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