Picture Book of the Week: Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal


The Tree of Life picture book of this week is Spoon! I had to follow up last week’s darling book, Linus; the Little Yellow Pencil, with this one. That’s because the author and illustrator of Linus, Scott Magoon, illustrated Spoon, written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. At the end of Linus, Mr. Magoon credits Ms. Rosenthal as his mentor. It’s easy to see that Spoon’s journey inspired Mr. Magoon to write Linus.

This book, like the Linus one, is absolutely adorable! We see Spoon suffering from utensil envy. He wants to be like all the other utensils in the drawer, including chopsticks. Life is so boring for him. It seems like the lives of knife, fork, or chopsticks are so much more enthralling. In the end, though, we see Spoon acknowledging his wonderful traits, and all the things he would miss out on if he weren’t a spoon. So charming!

This is a fabulous book to spark a discussion with your children about jealousy and how to be content with what we have. In this age of comparing, inflated by social media, that’s a wonderful message: don’t compare, and celebrate who you are! Definitely a picture book to add to your hygge list of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary! 5 out of 5 stars! Now excuse me, while I go put all the books I can find by Ms. Rosenthal and Mr. Magoon on hold at my local public library!

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