Top 10+ Beautiful Tabletop Games for Moms as Mother’s Day Gifts

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Forget the flowers and chocolate. The flowers die and the chocolates get eaten. They are delightful, I’ll grant you, although transitory pleasures. OK, so better yet, for upcoming Mother’s Day, go for the flowers and chocolate, but add a board or card game into the mix! How about a flower-based or chocolate-based game? Those last forever!

If you still have some shopping to do for Mother’s Day, or a wishlist to make for your husband and kiddos to give to you, I hope this list gives you some ideas. If you want an idea for a holistic mama that’s not a game, check out’s gift list here and’s list here.

If you or a mama you know love games, I think you will find a game here that is just right!

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I love these types of games. It’s for solo play, to exercise your logical thinking and reasoning skill. Some of the rest of the games I’ve listed below can be played solo as well, or with more players. If you want a game that has a chocolate theme but involves more strategy, check out the one below on Amazon, where I got the image below. See if you can do better as a manager of a chocolate factory conveyor belt than Lucy and Ethel did.

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The above game, created by Paola Brown, teaches homeopathy. Perfect for the Momeopath (trademark of Paola) in your life! I’ve played it a few times and love it. The mechanics remind me of the Sleeping Queens card game. I love that as you play, you are learning what homeopathic remedies cure corresponding ailments. Go here to buy!

I haven’t played the one above but it looks super fun! I love the herb theme. It looks educational as well so you can learn to identify herbs.

If you or the mama you are giving to love Dixit, you’ll/she’ll probably love Stella too. It’s like Dixit on steroids. Video on how to play and a review is below. I love the art! It seems less creepy than Dixit’s art, and definitely more cute.

and definitely

Many moms love word games. If your mama does, I think she’ll love these next two games.

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First is Letter Jam. It’s co-operative. You’re playing for everyone to guess his or her mystery word. If everybody guesses his or her word right, you all win. Otherwise, you all lose. The chips with the numbers on them that look like fruit slices feel so good. I love that they are thick and heavy.

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Next is Letter Go! If she loves Scrabble, your mama gift recipient will probably love this. Watch the review below.

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Everdell is so gorgeous! I haven’t played it yet but it’s upstairs, waiting to be unboxed. Here’s hoping I’ll get to play it this weekend for Family Game Night!

I saw the review below and decided to get it. It’s a worker placement game so if your mama doesn’t like those, avoid it. If she’s into strategy, beauty, and cute forest animals, she’ll probably love it. You get to create a tree as part of the board game setup. although in the review below, Mr. Zee says the tree will get in the way if you have more than 2 people. Watch the review below. Some say it’s even better than Wingspan.

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I love Calico! Read my review here. Get it for your favorite mama into quilts and/or cats!

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How about a little romance and adventure in your board gaming? The Princess Bride board game brings back all the magic of the movie. The game play involves going through the chapters of the book, as if you were the grandpa telling the grandson the story, like the frame story of the movie. Fun and romantic at the same time! Another one that’s upstairs waiting to be unboxed.

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We got this game for Christmas a few years ago from my sister. I didn’t like it at first but it’s slowly grown on me. Players take a journey in Japan and gain points along the way for different experiences. The illustrations are gorgeous! It’s supposed to be relaxing, but if you completely relax, you won’t win. I actually won the last time we played this, a few weeks ago. So now I like it more :-).

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Wingspan is such a beauty! Perfect for any mama who loves birdwatching, IF she also loves strategy games. Read my review here.

It’s also educational but not in any heavy-handed way.

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I love Azul! My son gave us the original Azul a few years ago for Christmas. The components are so beautiful! I love the little tiles with the pretty designs. In this version, you have pretty tiles again, but this time you get to build a queen’s garden, with tiles, plants and trees. If your mama loves strategy and puzzles, she will probably love this game.

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Speaking of gardens, here’s another game about that: Cottage Garden. So cute! Review is below.

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What about a game for the artist mom in your life? She can chill with Bob Ross!

See review below. As the video tells us, it’s a set collection, hand management game. You get to take turns collecting paints and paintbrushes to make paintings that Bob actually painted. It’s for beginning level gamers, as the strategy isn’t super sophisticated.

Last but not least, we have Meadow. Another gorgeous game for the gorgeous game-loving mom in your life.

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If your mama loves nature and strategy, she will probably love it. See the review below.

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Last but not least, a game about honey and beehives…Honey Buzz! One of my close girlfriends just got some beehives with bees so I thought of her when I saw this.

If you want to go all out and give a superbly wonderful game, get this one. At over $100, it’s pricey, because it’s a super deluxe kickstarter version. It looks so adorable and fun! Watch the review below.

That’s it! I shared more than ten games. I hope at least one delights the game-loving mom in your life. Many of them offer solo play if mom can’t find other players or just needs chill time alone. Honey Buzz, Meadow, Wingspan, Calico, Everdell, Princess Bride, Herbaceous, and Floriferous all have solitaire options, in addition to being able to be played by more than one player. Chocolate Fix is strictly solo play. If you’d like to get a picture book, instead of a game, for the favorite mother in your life, go here for ideas. That’s where I share several picture books about the power of mothering. And again, only get these games if you know your mama loves games. See the top of this post for links to non-game gift ideas. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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