2022 Countdown to Mother’s Day Story #2: “The Wind Beneath Her Wings”

Image Credit: geni.com

Today’s story as I countdown to Mother’s Day is that of Abigail May Alcott, mother of Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women. Most people don’t know her story as she is not as famous as her author daughter. She was amazing! I reviewed a biography about her, pictured below, over here.

Then this other book, My Heart is Boundless, is a compilation of her letters and journal entries. Abba, as she was known, was full of love, pluck, determination, and wisdom. Her great niece, Eve LaPlante, found a trunk full of Abba’s writings in an attic and compiled them in the book below.

She constantly recognized her daughter Louisa’s writing talent and encouraged it. She worked tirelessly to keep her family fed, clothed and sheltered. For whatever reason, her husband had a hard time providing for his family. (I’ve often wondered if he was mentally ill.) She went through so many difficult times with him. For sure, she was the “wind beneath the wings” for Louisa.

I am positive, that without her, we would not have the book Little Women, and the other books by Louisa. It just makes me wonder, what other mothers, both in the past and present, do we owe gratitude to for inspiring greatness in their children and others? I am sure that the number is countless.

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