4/27/22 Tree of Life Mama’s Game of the Week: Calico, a Charming Puzzle Tile-Laying Game of Quilts and Cats! A Great Mother’s Day Gift!

I am in love with the Calico game! It’s the perfect solitaire game for moms! In this game, you are pretending to be a quilter. Your job is to get the most points possible by arranging quilt pieces that attract cats to lie on the quilt. You can also get points by getting buttons. You get cats to lie on the quilt if you put 3, 4, or 5 pieces of the same patterned pieces touching.

You get buttons if you get three of the same-colored pieces touching. Then you also get points if you accomplish the design tile goals. Watch the video below to learn all about what I’m talking about. This game may look sweet and fluffy, like the cat on the box lid, but it actually gives your brain a real workout!

I give this game five out of five stars! This game is so versatile. You can use it to learn/teach logic and reasoning. That can count as math! So it’s a great game for gameschooling, for I would say, ages 10 and up. Advanced 8-year olds might enjoy it, too. Younger kids would find it overwhelming. It helps you learn how to accomplish more than one goal at once so it’s great for learning goal-setting, executive control, and balancing goals.

You can also use it for date night, playing with just two people. It works for up to four people. So I’m definitely bringing it to my next friends’ retreat. On top of all that, you can play it alone, as a solitaire game.

Image Credit: amazon.com

Lately I’ve liked to play it after I’ve been on my feet for hours. It does require quite a bit of brain power, so if you want a game that is completely relaxing, this isn’t the game for that. If you like spatial puzzles you will love it! Play it when you want your body to relax but your mind is up for a challenge. As I play I listen to the soundtrack of movies like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, or the live action Cinderella from 2015. It’s just a fun way to take a little break and put a dazzle in my heart, as Ramona Zabriskie talks about. When I’m doing it, I’m building my brain as well! It’s the perfect game if it’s wet and drizzly outside and you want to feel warm, cuddly, and snuggly inside.

I just love the gorgeous patterns, the bright beautiful colors, and the cat illustrations. The pieces are all high quality, thick cardboard. The purple and white drawstring bag to hold the tiles is adorable with thick fabric and ribbon. If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift to put on your own wish list or give to your mom or mom-in-law, this just might be the perfect gift! Just make sure that person likes puzzles. If someone is overwhelmed by puzzles or divergent thinking, it probably wouldn’t be a good gift. If she likes puzzles, cats, and quilts, she will definitely love this game! Hmmm….that makes me think of a certain someone who I want to give this to. Happy quilt-making and cat-attracting!

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