Saints Volume 3 is Out!

Did you hear? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released Saints Volume 3 last Friday. This book covers the history of the Church from 1893-1955. It involves the Church entering the modern age, going from horse and buggy to cars, jets, and a worldwide church, with temples outside of the United States.

You can listen to or read it in the Gospel Library app on your phone. Go here to learn where to get that. Or you can read it on your desktop PC here.

I just listened to this podcast here that tells a bit of the back story about producing it, most of which happened during Covid. I loved hearing about how the writers discovered the documents to tell the story of Helga Meyer, a faithful Saint from Germany. Now I want to read her whole story in the book below.

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You can listen to this podcast here to hear more of the back story behind Saints Volume 3.

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