2022 Countdown to Mother’s Day Story #1: The Prophetic Mother of a Missionary Turned Pastor

Norwich, England. Photo Credit: visitbritain.com

Just like I’ve done for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, I’m going to share some stories as we approach Mother’s Day. I just love the power of mothers. This power is not always seen right away, it sometimes won’t even bear fruit until the eternities. But it’s there. It’s such a fiercely protective love. Think of a Mama Bear and how she protects her cubs.

Today’s story is called “Will You Be Our Pastor?” by Elder Hugh B. Brown. You can watch it below or read it here. Be sure to read it even if you watch it because the text of the story gives more back story. The back story involves parting, loving words from Elder Brown’s mother.

I love that Elder Brown’s mother prophetically planted a seed in his mind that when the symbolic nightmares would come on his mission, he would need to reach out and pray to his Father in Heaven for help. When they did come, would he had so readily prayed and asked for God’s help if his mom hadn’t taught him to pray?

We never know as mothers when the seeds we plant in our children’s hearts will take root and bear fruit. We can’t control that. All we control is the sharing of the seeds of truth.

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