What I am Celebrating this Month

Despite the stormy weather that it usually brings, November is a happy month for me. We celebrate my birthday, my daughter’s birthday, Thanksgiving, the anniversary of my first attendance at a La Leche League meeting, and the anniversary of my first attendance of Veggie Gals.

Veggie Gals is an informal bunch of Spirit-led women who meet together not quite monthly for wholesome, fantastic-tasting food and enlightening conversation. The group started amongst some women in the Provo/Orem, Utah area. Most of them were attending La Leche League meetings. One of the LLL Leaders, Joyce, decided she wanted to get together outside of LLL to socialize with the women. at a restaurant. This happened about a year after my daughter was born fifteen years ago. I didn’t go to those first meetings because I felt too poor to eat out. Fortunately, then Joyce decided that she wanted to avoid restaurant food so she started having these meetings in her home. My first attendance was 12 years ago this month, at Joyce’s home, the same night as my sister-in-law who had studied to be a midwife had her wedding dinner at a restaurant in Orem, close to Joyce’s home. I went to the wedding dinner with my baby boy, now 12, and then over to Veggie Gals.

This is a picture of my daughter, born fifteen years ago, and my baby, who looks a lot like the baby I took to my first Veggie Gals meeting, twelve years ago this

Over the past 12 years we have met almost monthly over lunch or dinner at different homes. I have met so many beautiful, gracious, charitable women in this group.

Some have come and gone, others are still coming, and new faces are joining. Here’s a photo from the latest gathering, where we celebrated my friend Becky’s birthday. Becky and I both turned 40 this month!

. We have shared a passion for healthy food, made from whole ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce. We have conversed over topics as far-ranging as colonics, the molecules of
emotion, the building of Zion, and iridology. We always have our
meals be potluck, and I eat the best-tasting and best-for-me foods
when I go to Veggie Gals.. I have to admit that I don’t always agree
with them on what is a whole food , such as canola oil and xylltol. I
remember when I first announced that I didn’t like Braggs liquid
aminos and would no longer be eating it. With the stares I got, you
would have thought I just said the Book of Mormon wasn’t true.

From these meetings, I met Jonell and heard her splendid story of her recovery from a chronic disease that doctors couldn’t help her with. Jonell is an amazing woman who is the
picture of perfect health. Her symptoms got worse with each pregnancy, but she is totally symptom free and has become a mother of nine who is willing to have more. She fully recovered from her disease by
changing her diet. (See http://myfeelgoodfoods.com to learn more and order her cookbook. You
will love it. It makes a great Christmas gift for yourself or a
friend. Jonell’s mission has been to go to every gourmet restaurant
in Utah County and then copy their best fare at home in a whole foods way so she can put
the recipe in her cookbook.)

I met Becky, who has a passion for organizing and meal planning and energy work. She is such an angel, and was the only person I knew for sure when I moved to Davis county from
Utah county. I met another Becky, who has homeschooled along with me since our oldest children were babies. It’s because of Becky that I got to meet and sell for Andrew Pudewa, and his Institute for
Excellence in Writing. (See http://excellenceinwriting.com) I will be forever grateful for that. I met
Shauna, who tells so many funny stories, loves to have speakers
present at her home, and has a self-employed husband like I do. We have commiserated together over the bumpy road that a wife of a
self-employed man has. Thanks Veggie Gals, for all the great memories! This has been a group that has mentored me in natural living since I was a young mom.

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