You Might be Descended from a Pilgrim

On Thanksgiving Day I read this article

Then I asked my mom and my sister-in-law, who is also a distant cousin and totally into family history, “Are we descended from any of the Mayflower pilgrims?”

“Shhhh,” my sil said. She took me aside and told me that we actually are, through my mom, and that she was planning to surprise her with the news on her upcoming birthday.

I found out that my Pilgrim ancestor is John Howland, also ancestor to Joseph Smith, FDR, Humphrey Bogart, George Bush. I’ll claim the prophet and maybe Bogart but not those rascally politicians.

You might have a Pilgrim ancestor too and not know it. Read the above article and start asking around. A common myth amongst Mormons is that your parents know everything about your family history and there’s no more research to be done. Baloney! Start reading and asking and learning and go to
Ask your family and ward members, there’s bound to be a family history mentor among the bunch who is burning with the fire of the Spirit of Elijah and more than happy to do most, if not all, of the research for you if you just say the word.

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