Catch this Gift Before It’s Gone


I’ve noticed that my blog post titled “Catch this Gift For Yourself For Christmas” is the most popular post on my site. For those of you who are disappointed that you are too late in getting the gift of downloads from the LDS Holistic Living Conference last year, here’s another gift. It’s a set of downloads as well, like the gift being given in the afore-mentioned blog post, and it’s still available.


These are mp3 files of talks given by my friends at the conference I sponsored almost two years ago for natural living LDS moms. I don’t know how much longer I will keep them up on my site, so download them while you can. Speakers include Leslie Householder, Donna Goff, Joyce Kinmont, Jonell Francis of, Vernie DeMille, Diann Jeppson, Aneladee Milne. Go here to get your gift and tell your LDS crunchy granola mom friends about it too!


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