I Am Having a Youth Conference May 6-7

What does the family have to do with liberty? Why should youth care about this?



Thomas Jefferson once said that the tree of liberty should be refreshed every once in a while with the blood of patriots. What is the tree of liberty? How does it connect to the family tree? Tree of Life Mothering is sponsoring an event on May 6-7 to help youth explore the connections between liberty, the classics, self-government, family, virtue, and royalty. It will be at building #1 at the county fairgrounds in Farmington, Utah. All youth ages 14-19 are invited to attend. It involves the following:


a talent show

a Liberty Lyceum (lectures, colloquia,  lunch, etiquette training, ballroom dance instruction, and simulation)

a Royal Banquet

a Royal Ball.




Friday night May 6

Meet at 6:30

Colloquium: “Our Heavenly Father’s Home” by Elder Tad R. Callister to discuss the importance of reading, listening, and watching the best and having refinement

Talent Show to showcase the best talents of the youth


Saturday May 7

Meet at 9 AM (Come having already eaten breakfast)


Keynote Speech by Steve Russell “America’s Second Experiment”

Colloquium on John Locke’s “Essay on Civil Government”

Speech by Aneladee Milne “Of Kingdoms and Conquerors: Defending the Family”

Colloquium with Aneladee on “The Doctrine of the Family” by Sister Julie B. Beck

Speech by Stephanie Servoss “Beacons and Knights”


And there’s more…lunch, etiquette training, ballroom dance instruction…please click on the tab that says “May Youth Conference” and read more, then register. Cost is $75 but if you register with a group you get a discount. Hope to see you there!

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