Fats Make You Happy, Sometimes I am Disappointed and Is Peppermint an Emetic?

Yesterday I went to a Weston Price chapter meeting at my friend Caralee’s home. I absolutely love going there. She has a farm and a lovely place. It’s like my dream home, full of kids, with a big kitchen, a big homeschooling room, and lots of shelves for books, a sandbox, swingset, and tramp in the backyard, and a farm with a cow and chickens. See pictures of Caralee’s place here http://amodernpioneeringfamily.blogspot.com


We got to taste-test three new flavors of cod liver oil: peppermint, ginger, and licorice from the Blue Ice/Green Pastures brand. See http://greenpasture.org/public/Products/CodLiverOil/index.cfm.

Ooooh, that licorice one was yummy nummy! I could eat it all day. I seriously had this feeling of instant deep satisfaction come over me. It tasted like candy. The other ones, ginger and peppermint, were good too. I can see that fats definitely can make you happy. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, La Leche League Leader, and board certified lactation consultant, blogs at the Uppity Science Chick. She has a great article about fats making you happy. See http://uppitysciencechick.com/can_fats_make_you_happy.pdf.  I can believe that after eating this licorice cod liver oil. In the article she talks about different sources of omega 3s. I am thinking, I don’t have to stress about finding a source of omega 3s, gagging down ground up flaxseed or flax oil anymore. I will just go for taking a bunch of licorice cod liver oil every day. Remember Mary Poppins giving Jane and Michael cod liver oil? It really is great for everybody, not just kids. It’s full of Vitamins A and D, which work together. If you have too much Vitamin A but not D then your bones get soft. Vitamin D helps your bones and Vitamin A helps you get sick less often. Then the omega 3s help your brain.


Here’s what the Green Pastures web site says “Many of the great historical cultures had one sacred food which they relied on to ensure strong mind, body, and spirit; fermented fish/fish liver oil. The Might Roman Soldier was given a daily ration of fermented fish oil. The Stoic Scandinavian Viking had a drum of fermenting cod livers outside the door of his home. Grandma always had a bottle of cod liver oil in the back cupboard.” Cool!


I was hoping the meeting would be relaxing for me, but I was disappointed. I left feeling more frazzled than ever. I made the mistake of taking two of my children. I am as attachment oriented as the next mom out there (I have nursed most of my children to ages three and four, and I cosleep. I take my baby everywhere I can, even on weekly dates with my husband), but sometimes, when kids are no longer babies, but toddlers and older, I say it’s better to leave them home. I felt so distracted during the meeting. I was in and out tending my two young children, intervening when another little girl was being mean to my daughter and then getting my son off the trampoline. I also had got summoned on the phone by my husband for emotional support because he was at a Kirk Duncan seminar being asked to do hard things. Then my 17 year old son called to talk to me about his babysitting and chauffeuring duties at home. My daughter kept jabbering and asking for things that I felt like I didn’t have any time to visit and ask questions.Towards the end I was thinking, “Will you just go away and play and leave me alone?” My visions of them playing happily in the sandbox all evening while I lingered with the adults talking never materialized. At one point I realized I wasn’t going to get my adult visiting done and settled in to reading a scientific paper on cod liver oil while my two children played with blocks in the family room.





So sometimes I get disappointed by events that I build up in my mind that are going to be really relaxing, social, and fun. C’est la vie.


I did glean one thing from Caralee. One of the other ladies there asked about having balance in the diet. As we feasted on baked potatoes with sauerkraut, Latin American sauerkraut, butter, onions, gomasio, mineral salt, sour cream, and more, Caralee explained. She said it’s good to have something that’s lacto-fermented at every meal. When you have potatoes or any vegetable, it’s important to have fat, like butter. The butter provides the Activator X that helps you to absorb the vitamins in the vegetables.

Caralee was vegan for many years. She said she ate tons of vegetables but she got sick because the nutrition was just going through her, she wasn’t absorbing it. She also said that when you eat potatoes or something like that that is full of carbohydrates it’s best to eat gobs of butter and sour cream with it. That slows down the digestion of the sugars, and makes it so that you don’t overeat.


Right after she said that, as I was digging in to my second helping of potato, I all of the sudden felt full. I couldn’t eat anymore. I gathered my stuff and children up and went home. After I went home as the night came on, I felt sicker and sicker, like I was going to throw up.


We had a Relief Society class a week or so ago featuring my neighbor, who studied at the Christopher School of Natural Healing. See http://schoolofnaturalhealing.com/ She gave us a handout so I referred to it to see what it said about treating stomach troubles. It said that peppermint is good for any digestive troubles. So I got out my peppermint essential oil, put a drop on my wrist and licked it. Within a minute, my digestive trouble was lessened because I vomitted. I felt better, but still a little sick. Then I took more peppermint and threw up two more times. My husband wanted me desperately to help him do his “homework” for his Kirk Duncan seminar so I stayed up late helping him and throwing up. It was quite the night. I felt like I was on my deathbed and my husband was wanting me to write material that would knock people’s socks off.


So now I know why peppermint is good for digestive problems, because it makes you upchuck. At least it did for me last night. I felt a lot better after doctoring myself.

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