Here I am in Sunshine

Whew, we left Davis County bright and early at 5 AM on Tuesday. Except it wasn’t so bright. It was dark and raining and then it turned to snow. We picked up some of my son’s Williamsburg Academy classmates on the way and got to St. George by 11:30 AM, with three stops on the way. There was snow and rain off and on clear down to Cedar City. Entering St. George was like coming to another world, all sunny without a cloud in the sky. Thanks to anybody who prayed for our safe journey. I didn’t even use the Easter candy my visiting teacher gave me as a last resort to keep my six-and-unders happy. Those prayers helped.


My six-year-old son kept talking about how excited he was to see the real Wild West. He has been on a cowboy jag for two months and wears the same clothes every day because they are his only clothes that look like a cowboy’s. He has been delighting all the females he sees of all ages at rest stops and parks and gas stations by tipping his hat and saying, “Howdy ma’am!” That usually elicits some giggles from the young ones and chuckles from the older ones.


My kids have been having fun with their cousins while I have fun visiting my sister-in-law. We both do TJED so we have a lot in common. Our kids share a similar family culture of homeschooling a la TJED. (See for a definition of that.)  Whenever I come down to see our cousins, I feel I am immersed in a mentor culture. My sister-in-law is one of my mentors on cooking and homeschooling. I helped her get started in homeschooling but now she helps me as we swap stories back and forth about how our commonwealth schools are going. (A commonwealth school is a once a week private school formed by people who are committed to TJED and having the school continue with other leadership after their kids are gone from the school. Google “new commonwealth school” and get the book. It’s not a momschool and it’s not a co-op.) Then my cousins


Anyway, I have learned from Sally new recipes for making my chicken and roast beef very tender by using the crock pot all day and then shredding the meat. I can’t wait to try this at home! Today I got to watch her direct her commonwealth school’s advanced acting play. They are doing the Odyssey. It was fun to watch! Then we had dinner and her three teenage boys cleaned up the kitchen. I love my kids to see that it’s not just in their home where the children do a lot of the housekeeping chores. Thank you Rachel and Oliver DeMille for teaching parents that it’s OK for kids to do a lot of the household chores. I love that they have taught that to have an leadership education-based home, the family culture works around nurturing and then giving way to scholar phase.


I got to visit two of my sister-in-law’s mom friends who do TJED and have georgic backyards. Lots of chickens and bunnies and gardens. It was very inspiring to see what these people do in teeny backyards.



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