Feeling Blue

I think it all started with Mother’s Day, the day after my youth conference. Only two of my children gave me presents, and one was from nursery so it wasn’t thought out by him. It doesn’t count. My nine-year-old gave me a sweet treasure hunt complete with a code to cipher which led to a note telling me that he loves me. My husband gave me breakfast in bed though. That was sweet. I think this makes three years in a row that he has done this.


Regarding my thoughtless older children, all I can say is, Oh well. I have learned that some holidays are more bountiful and memorable than others. Sometimes my children are more thoughtful and prepared than other times. Maybe I am reaping the seeds I sowed of not giving presents to my mother in my ignorant thoughtless youth. It’s all part of the ups and downs of life. I will bask in the fun of the youth conference that was the day before and let that eclipse my Mother’s Day that was lacking.



We went to my mom’s for Mother’s Day. While there I met a friend of my cousin’s son,who are at BYU with my nephew. This friend turned out to be former neighbors to my Veggie Gal friend Becky who moved away to Idaho. That was fun to make that connection. My sister-in-law corralled the college age kids to help with dish duty. She also showed me her web site and the cool family history features she has on it. If any of you are family history buffs you will want to go to http://sudweeksfamily.com to get the cool handouts on family history that she has as PDFs. This is a pic of my sister-n-law, my brother, and their cute kids. This is the brother just older than I am. He has always been such a great example to me and was part of the reason I felt motivated to do scholar phase, because I saw him do it with all the AP exams that he took.



When I went to the public library last week my kids were kind of rowdy and I got a crusty look from a librarian. I finally coughed up the money for two long lost library books that were making me feel guilty for even setting foot in the library. I haven’t gone in so long to get a boatload of books like I used to because of those overdue/lost book fines. It felt good to come clean and get tons of books, despite the dirty looks for my noisy children.



My son had his tech week rehearsals for his Shakespeare play last week and that meant rehearsals were every day. All of my older kids were involved in the play as stage crew or actors so when I was supposed to be a “parent assist,” meaning, babysitter in the hallways for potentially wandering youth, that meant I had to take all of the little ones with me. I think we just added to the confusion instead of helping any. Two comments from other moms there about my children ruffled my feathers a bit but I am over it. I had rounded up a bag of books to keep them occupied plus my Chinese jump rope and instruction book but Cowboy and Princessa most of the time weren’t interested. I was looking forward to blogging about having a portable closet (meaning, closet full of learning materials, see thehomeschoolcoach.com) to take when you have to do your homeschooling away from home  but it didn’t seem that successful so I won’t be blogging/bragging about it.



The major high of the week was the Shakespeare play of our commonwealth school. My son set the whole funny tone of the play, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, with his portrayal of Bottom, the weaver turned donkey. He did our cousin proud. Thanks to my genealogist sister-in-law, we know that Shakespeare is our first cousin, thirteen times removed. The costumes were incredible. We have some serious talent among these homeschooling mamas. I am grateful to be part of a group where everybody does a little bit, and some feel compelled to go over the top.



On Sunday I went to call my sister-in-law for a fun chat but she didn’t answer the phone. But at least I got in my monthly night of having some or all of my family gone to my mother-in-law’s so I can just decompress. As a homeschooling mom, time alone is of a premium. My baby always stays with me but I still count that as alone time. Actually this time my two daughters stayed home but when you also have four older, active boys, time alone from them counts as alone time. I always check out Goodreads and put library books on hold and sometimes do family history work. Popcorn is always involved as well.



Monday was blue with lots of laundry to supervise my children in folding. The four oldest children each wash their own, my husband washes his dress shirts, and my daughter washes all the rest, but it is still a challenge to rope the little ones over to fold their clothes and put them away without taking all morning. I have to fight the feeling the computer is giving me to suck me into the escape from reality that it offers.The overcast sky and chilly weather exacerbated the feeling of a blue Monday. At least my 13 year old entertained me with quotes from the Muppet Show while we folded. Our Knights of Freedom closing social that night was also cold and overcast. Now it’s raining and it feels just like a morning in the middle of February when I am wont to say it’s “always winter and never Christmas!”



The great news is that my baby sister called to announce the arrival of her baby. A GIRL! That makes three girls and two boys for her. She gave birth naturally and her baby sounds so cute. I can’t wait to see them. I am looking forward to that as well as to my overnight retreat this week with my husband when he goes away for business. His meetings end at 3:30 so then we can play, with just my breastfeeding toddler in tow, up in the canyon! If it’s rainy we will spend the whole time in the suite, watching John Adams.


Spring, I know you are there, we’ve had some tastes of your sweet sunshine! I look forward to your complete, unretractable arrival!



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