Celestial Education, What Every LDS Mom Should Know

My friend Michelle Stone appears in the above video. She takes the Thomas Jefferson Education phases of learning (seasons of learning) and expands their meaning with spiritual names. It’s a fascinating lecture. There’s not much how-to in it, it’s all reasons for not having your kids in public school.

Here’s a pic of her and her mom Janeen Brady, of Brite Music fame, singing at my friend Shauna’s house.

If you don’t know what Brite Music is you are missing out. Check out http://britemusic.com. In the picture above, mom and daughter are singing music from the Time to Times CD. Michelle asked her mom to use her fantastic talent and write music to teach children the multiplication tables. How cool would that be, to have such a talented mom that you could ask to write music to teach a concept? Janeen honored Michelle’s request and the result is this CD full of bouncy, catchy, music that will have your kids knowing their times tables in no time. See my review of it here. http://treeoflifemothering.ning.com/page/product-review-time-to-times

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