Every Mommy Should Know About Money



Are you looking for something to study for a mom scholar phase this summer? This sounds so cool. It’s from my friend Andrea Rice over at http://abigailadamsacademy.com. I am really wanting to do this!


Here’s her description:

“Why study economics?

Economics has everything to do with liberty. If we are not free to use the fruits of our labors as we see fit, we are in bondage. If we don’t understand how our money system works, tyrants will be able to steal from us and enslave us without our even knowing it.

Many Americans today are unaware of the immoral foundations of our money system, and they are largely unaware that the dollar is headed for collapse. 

If you understand economics, you will be able to identify the truth in what politicians say, you will be a wiser voter, and most importantly, you will be better prepared for the future.

Why Austrian Economics?

First, if you have never heard of Austrian Economics, you are probably wondering what it is. In Lew Rockwell’s article Why Austrian Economics Matter, he says: 

It is not a field within economics, but an alternative way of looking at the entire science. Whereas other schools rely primarily on idealized mathematical models of the economy, and suggest ways the government can make the world conform, Austrian theory is more realistic and thus more socially scientific.”

An approach that seeks to understand how economics really works rather than one that seeks to force conformity to artificial models is  much more suited to freedom. That is why we’ll be studying the Austrian School here at Abigail Adams Academy..”

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