Get a Free Ticket to the LDS Holistic Living Conference!

So I just signed up for the LDS Holistic Living Conference. It’s Saturday June 25 at Paradigm High School in South Jordan, UT. Some fantastic speakers are coming to give you helpful information about the following topics:


  • bio-dynamic gardening, using homeopathics and the position of the stars to increase your harvest
  • how to have happy devotionals in the morning with your children
  • creating a happy, magical place for your children to learn
  • childhood vaccines
  • backyard beekeeping, chicken keeping, and goat keeping
  • cooking grains
  • how keeping covenants improves our health
  • inspiring a love of learning in your children
  • recipes for meals kids love
  • acupuncture from a gospel perspective
  • depression
  • balancing female hormones naturally
  • treating hypothyroidism
  • fermenting foods
  • natural medicine


And much more! I can’t wait! Go to to learn more! Registration closes June 18, 2011. I am giving away two free tickets! Make a comment below with your name if you want to be in a drawing to get a free ticket.



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