For Every Pregnant Mom: Your Body Rocks

This is me at my last birth with my midwife in the background looking at her phone. She was going to help me in my homebirth  but I switched at 38 weeks to a hospital birth! Quite the story and I have written more about it under the discussion forum topics. She came to the birth anyway just to give emotional support. What an angel!


I like to go to the site and get the podcasts. I finally listened to the one by Karen Brody called The Birth Teleseminar. It was wonderful. She talks about a mom who in labor was able to switch from feeling really uncomfortable to feeling in power by suddenly getting the epiphany and then repeating the mantra, “My body rocks!” Karen says that’s her message for every pregnant mom.  Karen has written a play about childbirth called Birth, The Play. You can read her blog here


She also started a movement to empower moms by educating themselves about childbirth options. It’s called Born on Labor Day or BOLD. Karen talks about the importance of moms connecting to their true selves when pregnant so they know what choices are right for them for their caregiver, birth place, birthing method. etc. I really like that idea. In my last birth I had to connect to my true self to be led to do the opposite of what I had done in the previous home births. My last baby was born in the hospital. I made that choice after connecting to my true self and it turned out to be just what my body and baby needed. I know I am not done having kids and I hope to have a home birth next time.


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