Musings from the LDS Holistic Living Conference


I went to the LDS Holistic Living Conference on Saturday. It’s a long story, but I had a free ticket and will for as long as the conference happens. Anyway, so I have lots of ideas after going and will gradually post them here as they come forth. So keep checking back. (These photos I have put in here have nothing to do with the conference, there are just here to make you want to read my post. I lost my camera at Youth for Freedom and forget that I can use my cell phone’s camera, which I haven’t lost thank goodness and did have with me).



I went to this amazing class by Cristie Gardner about eternal laws. It was just what I needed. I felt such peace and definitely the Holy Spirit during certain parts of it.  I also met this passionate woman named Kristen Bowen from Cache Valley, Utah who makes natural body care products as well as magnesium water. She has a site and a podcast and so far I like what I see. She gave me an idea for where to hold my next natural LDS moms conference so hopefully that will bear fruition! Her site is http:/

Here are my musings and nuggets of truth that I gleaned:

  • people have different interpretations on what “natural” or “holistic” means, just like they interpret Christianity differently. One supposedly natural product at the vendor fair had an ingredient list a mile long with tons of hard to pronounce names. To me, natural means that it comes from nature. It’s made by God. You can go pick it off a tree, dig it up, or catch it. Those ingredients came from a  man-made laboratory, not a tree.
  • now I want to read Elder Sterling W. Sill’s book The Laws of Success. Cristie Gardner quoted this awesome quote from it. It was something about how everywhere you look in nature you see richness. I guess if you are in some barren wasteland like the Mojave desert you have to look deep and see the richness of the sand, but it’s there. God wants man to be rich like nature is.
  • healing can come from many sources, including laughter, news about a loved one being more spiritual, or emotional work
  • The five keys to joy, according to Cristie Gardner, are 1. Be grateful, 2. Be obedient, 3. Be humble, 4. Ask for what you want (be prayerful) and 5. Release your hold on things that don’t matter eternally.
  • Not all presenters are created equally. Some are very organized and have all of their content ready to be delivered and it flows in an orderly way. Others don’t plan much and just want to have the class members ask them questions.

  • Some very creative people in Utah are working hard to be enterpreneurs.
  • A certain kind of essential oil, I think it was Majestic Mountain Sage, works when making soap. Other brands have the odor disappear at the high heat required to make soap but not this brand.
  • There’s a product out there that you can spray on your tongue and make it so it can’t taste sweet things. This is supposed to make it so you don’t overeat on sweet things. But I don’t see why if you don’t have the willpower to stop eating donuts and cheesecake and brownies you are going to have the willpower to spray your tongue so that the just-mentioned food doesn’t taste good.
  • God really does speak to us through the scriptures. Cristie shared this inspiring story of how her husband, Dr. Stan Gardner, decided to leave his medical practice in Montana because of legislation that made it harder to be a good doctor who wants to spend more than five minutes with a patient. Cristie and Stan had just built their dream home on 20 acres. Cristie did not want to leave and she prayer to God begging him to let them stay in their home. Then she told God she would open the scriptures and whatever scripture she felt guided to read she would accept as an answer. 

  • The scripture about “Consider the lilies of the field, how they toil not, neither do they spin,” is in the almost all of the standard works: the OT, the NT, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants. That was Cristie’s answer. She didn’t want to accept it and kept turning to a different book to find a different answer! Eventually she realized she was being stubborn and gave in. This answer lead her to leave her dream home and move to Ohio.
  • Dr. Stan Gardner sounds like my dream doctor. He is an LDS MD and he believes in alternative care. How cool is that?! See If I ever need medical care, I  want to go to him!
  • Diann Jeppson, the queen of TJED, see is going to be a grandmother in October. Her daughter married the son of a my sister-in-law’s midwife! Cool!
  • I don’t feel alone in my efforts to be an LDS green granola gal. There are lots of LDS holistic minded people out there. This is a movement that will continue to grow!

There were so many appealing classes that day but I had decided my nursing toddler would be missing me too much so I left at lunch. I am hoping to catch the downloads and the handout book when it comes out.



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