More on How to Get Your Teen to do Scholar Phase


Aneladee Milne came to my home Thursday night with at least a dozen people to hear  about how to get your teen to do scholar phase.


Aneladee shared three keys for getting a kid to do scholar phase:

1. Create a community that fosters leadership education

You can do this in person but if your community is small you may have to do it online. 

2. Be a formal mentor to your child by having weekly mentor meetings to discuss your child’s goals, dreams, upcoming homework assignments and deadlines, and schedule.

3. (this is the hard one that people fight her on) Do a scholar phase for you. You can’t give your child what you don’t have. You can’t give them a scholar phase if you haven’t had one or aren’t doing one. She said that it has to be more than just a once a month book club.



She said a lot of other cool stuff, all from the top of her head. Maybe as I remember it I will add more later. 

Here are some ideas she shared and my ideas too for doing the number three step/key above:


  • attend GWU online
  • do a Five Pillars class or a LEMI scholar project for adults like The Gathering or the Freedom Project
  • attend Abigail Adams Academy online
  • Go to the GWU website and look at the degree programs and just start reading the books listed. Find people in your area or on who have read the books and ask each other about the books. Read about the main points of the books on Write what you learn, with names and terms and their definitions.


If you live on the Wasatch Front in Utah, you are lucky because you can come this week and hear more about getting your teen to do scholar phase. Tiffany Earl, who was personally mentored by Oliver DeMille, cowrote the book with him called The Student Whisperer, and owns LEMI, is holding a free seminar on mentoring teens through scholar phase this Thursday in downtown SLC on July 7, from 9 AM to noon. It’s at the SLC downtown public library 210 E 400 S. Park across the trax, north of the library at the rear or underground of the SLCC college building. Email officelemi at gmail dot com to put your name on the list of registrants.


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