My Home Planet

So, I just joined this site and I’m so excited because it’s like I’ve found my home planet.  I knew there were people like me out there, but I’ve had such a hard time finding them!  I’ve lived in Idaho, Oregon, Kansas, Utah, and Oklahoma over the last few years and I’m usually the weirdest person in my ward.  Homeschooling, home birthing, “no I won’t wean the baby just so I can go to Girl’s Camp”… It’s lonely sometimes, so I’m thrilled to find a place where I can totally be myself. 

And I just discovered I can blog on here too!  I’ve long been an avid blogger, but because of my extremely varied audience there are certain things I wish I could say on my blog that I just can’t.  Do y’all mind if I just come over here and say them?

Like this:  I realized today that my baby really needs to start solids and I have been dreading this!  She is more than seven months old and she’s been nursing very frequently lately and acting a little bit cranky.  I can tell she’s ready for more substantial food, but I’m wishing we could just keep nursing exclusively for a long time yet.  The biggest reason I’m avoiding solids is that I am going to have to stop being lazy and start charting again.  I know I should be charting right now, but I’m relying on the “chances are slim when you’re exclusively breastfeeding” concept.  But I could start cycling again anytime now.  Sigh. 

Also, breastfeeding is the biggest component of my weight loss plan and I still have 15 pounds to lose.  The more she eats from me the more calories I burn.  If I start her on solids, I have to be more careful about what I eat.  How obnoxious!

But my husband reminded me today how cute little babies are sitting in the high chair and eating things like blueberries and peas and little chunks of banana.  A whole world of delights is about to open up for my little Peanut and I should be glad for her. 

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