NFP is The Road Less Taken; I Hardly Blog About It But I Believe in It


Today was a busy day doing Saturday work and then attending my daughter’s TJYC (Thomas Jefferson Youth Certification) Graduation. She did a great job on her speech. Ever since she went to the Youth for Freedom camp, she has been a different girl. She smiles a lot more and is always thanking me. It’s been wonderful! And my two sons, ages 6 and 10, surprised my husband and me with breakfast in bed. How utterly sweet is that!!!



A while ago I had a conversation with my sis in law about NFP. It has occurred to me that even though I say this site is for women interested in NFP, I hardly ever blog about it. That’s because it’s so intimate I guess. I can comfortably blog about breastfeeding and how it affects my life and how I do it, or more often, where I do it (like in sacrament meeting, that one week when I was attending my nephew’s leaving-for-a-mission talk, his dad is the bishop so I knew I wouldn’t be getting any flak about it), BUT, blogging about NFP is harder since it involves my *** life. I am slowly figuring out how to comfortably blog about it.


Eventually I am going to host monthly telephone conference calls for LDS women who want to talk about NFP. I am going to do it  by rotating topics like they do at LLL meetings where you talk about breastfeeding but I will adapt it to NFP:  1. the importance of NFP, 2. getting started in NFP, 3. overcoming obstacles in practicing NFP, and 4. how nutrition and weaning come into play with fertility and breastfeeding. Hopefully I will start these calls in September, so stay tuned!



Someday I will tell my story of how I found NFP and why I think it’s so great and why I disagree with my sis in law. She claims that NFP is unfair for the woman because it means she can’t have *** when she is the most amorous, which is when she is the most fertile.



For now I will share a great resource I just found,, a COOL site about NFP. I love the tag line, “Don’t just stay married, stay engaged.” That’s a HUGE reason why I love NFP, because it involves having the husband and wife being actively engaged in the wife’s fertility cycle, which is a huge part of her life because it controls her moods and desires and her childbearing capabilities. NFP also allows you to replicate the life you had when you were engaged, when you (if you weren’t naughty) abstained from *** and then had a honeymoon of enjoying ***. I don’t really agree with the current blog post on the site, but it’s by a guest blogger. So far as I can tell, I agree with the contents of the site written by the home blogger, Dustin. so check it out!


A big thing that some women say is “Oh, my husband would never go for NFP, then he can’t have *** all the time.” That’s what I used to think. I like that this site is written from a man. Maybe he has an answer to that objection.


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