A New Idea for a Wedding

Last Friday I had a lot of fun. My littles have been begging me to have another sleepover at Grandma’s. They had one when I went to TJED Land in June, to take the bigs to Youth for Freedom (http://youthforfreedom.org) Then another happened when I went to LEMI Training in July but they still wanted another. I guess they are as greedy as I am when it comes to getting interaction with extended family. Part of the attraction comes from the cousins who live down the street. We had a family reunion on Saturday down in Nephi so that made the pick up a lot easier since I didn’t have to make another extra trip. I dropped them off Friday morning and came home by noon. The plan was to get home by 9 AM to avoid a nap in the car for my toddler, so that he would still nap at home in the afternoon and I could “get something done” with no kids around. I am all for doing jobs with your children to teach them and bond, but sometimes, it is just nice to dig in and work for a long time with no kids around to supervise, engage, cajole and referee.


It was hard to get away though with my brother being there who I hardly ever see, because he has been living in faraway places like Shanghai and Seoul, and the ladder ball game. I did finally pull away. The kids were thrilled that they could have breakfast candy. That’s my phrase for cold cereal. We hardly ever have cold cereal in our home, since I read in Nourishing Traditions that it is highly processed. Even supposedly healthful cereal that doesn’t have a ton of sugar, like Cheerios or Wheat Chex. I really like what my girlfriend Tara says about breakfast candy. You can read it here and get a homemade breakfast cereal recipe http://happyinthekitchen-withtara.blogspot.com/2010/01/homemade-breakfast-cereal.html. Grandpa likes to buy it and the kids like to eat it whenever they are there. I figure one or two bowls three times a year won’t kill them.


After chatting with my brother and playing ladder ball a little bit, I finally broke away. Bugsy, my toddler, still took an afternoon nap, even though he did sleep in the car on the way home before noon (I don’t leave him overnight yet because sometimes he nurses during the night). After a trip to the store to get a birthday present for Cowboy and getting Bugsy down for an afternoon nap, I got some dejunking done! Hooray! I pulled out tons of magazines that I have saved over the years. They were covered with dust and just about choked me as I unearthed them from behind the filing cabinet. I finally am able to ditch them. Like I heard a friend on Facebook say, I love stories and I love things and every thing has a story, so it’s hard to part with things.


Everyone was invited to wear their best hat. As the bride, Tatiana in her hat topped them all. Her hat reminded me of the pink dog in “Go Dog Go!” who asks “Do you like my hat?”


That night we went to the wedding of my friend Aneladee’s daughter, Tatiana. She had it at a public park. I never would have thought a public park could be used for a wedding reception! When I was a young thing I always wanted a garden wedding reception but when the time came to get married, my home backyard wasn’t pretty enough and I didn’t know anybody I was willing to ask to let me use their backyard. If only I had known that a park would have been acceptable. The wedding reception photos would have turned out so much prettier; they would have had trees and bushes and grass in the background and foreground instead of the cinderblock of the church gym.


One of the lovely sisters of the bride and her nephew.



Isn’t that silly? It’s funny how we don’t know about things until we see others do or use them. But wouldn’t it be the best to do or use something that we see from God, not others? The park was the same one our commonwealth school has used for our Shakespeare plays. The cake was stationed atop the amphitheater stage. The refreshment table was at the bottom of the rows of circular cement walls that form the seating. Memories of seeing my son perform there and hearing the Tongan people celebrating at another pavilion flashed back to me. I never, ever would have thought that this place was suitable for a wedding reception, but it turned out beautifully.


One of the bridesmaids, Margaret Milius, looking ever so elegant in a dress that Aneladee designed and sewed. (I fixed the red eye once and don’t know why it didn’t transfer when I put the picture here.)


t’s funny how there are so many things in life that we never think of unless we see it. That is why vision is important. It is so important to constantly expand our vision by visiting, reading books, hearing people lecture, traveling, window shopping, and exploring. Think of Joseph Smith. He couldn’t start his mission of restoring God’s church back on earth until he had a vision to expand his view. Father Lehi couldn’t do what he did, nor could his son Nephi, until they both had visions. I don’t think we or our children can accomplish our missions without a vision that comes from God of what He wants our missions to be. Vision is so important!


I know I would not have gone to college if I hadn’t “seen” it in my mind’s eye.  I saw it because I knew the important people in my life had gone. I grew up knowing that my parents had both graduated from college. Going to college was just a given in my life, something that I always saw myself doing. I feel very grateful for my college experience. It helped make me who I am. I can see how so many things in my life are a result of first seeing it my mind’s eye, having an internal vision of that thing, and then attracting it to me.



At the parents’ training meeting at Youth for Freedom Kirk Duncan  of http://3keyelements.com shared his idea of a vision board. He just tapes off a section of his bedroom wall with frog tape (painter’s tape, so it doesn’t take the paint off the wall) and puts pictures of what he wants inside the square. Then every morning he has a routine of looking at what he wants and telling himself to get it with all the enthusiasm he can. Gradually, one by one, the things he has put on the vision board come off and then into a three-ring binder. He doesn’t wait for the vision board to look perfect or pass an interior decorator’s test. The tape is even crooked. He says not to wait for yours to be perfect either.



When I came back from my vacation I started a vision board. I put pictures of Christ in the center since I want to always follow the injunction to seek first the kingdom of God. The I put some other goals up and fasted for them this past Fast Sunday. We’ll see what happens! I am excited to teach my children about vision boards and help them set up theirs. I can see how it is so important to constantly be talking about their dreams and have pictures of their dreams on the walls to build the dream, or vision, in their minds.

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