A Great Cookbook and Blog to Inspire You to Fix Dinner and Treats from Scratch

Good things happen when you let your husband go to what he wants. Last night my husband wanted to go to a Kirk Duncan Body Language show. He has been to a few already. I didn’t really want to go, because I have been to one, and feel that one “commercial” for more Kirk Duncan events is enough (It’s really not my season in life to go to all day events repeatedly, although I did do LEMI training last summer. But my toddler is getting older and nursing less, so I am hoping to go to some Kirk events in the spring.)  But I was OK about him going, even though he is already a Kirk Duncan devotee (translation, he is already paying money to regularly go to Kirk events) and doesn’t need to hear another pitch for more events.


I ended up falling asleep while reading The Sign of the Beaver to the littles for their bedtime story. (Great book by the way, I love all the Christian values and references to God and the Bible. Plus the chapters are short so they are great for bedtime.) He called me up at midnight on his way home and sounded so excited. That woke me up and I waited up for him.


When he got home, it was like Christmas! He had some presents for me! Turns out that our friends the Duggars, (no, NOT Jim Bob and Michelle and 19 kids but our TJED/commonwealth school friends Tammie and Dr. Jerry) were there afterwards. They were putting on an event in the same room at the hotel the next day. Dan stayed to help them set up. As a thank you gift, Tammie gave Dan a set of all her Scratch cookbooks (get them at http:///nourishingfamilies.blogspot.com). There’s the big one, then a small booklet of Quinoa recipes, Smoothie recipes, and Gluten-free Goodness. I am so excited! The cookbook even comes with a handy-dandy easel to make it stand upright for easy reading while cooking. A tote bag completed the gift set. You can go over to her web site right now and buy them for yourselves. Tammie also has some recipes on the site you can print for free. Then when you get the cookbook they are already sized to fit in there with the holes premarked so you can punch them into the 3 ring binder cookbook. Cool! I already had the Thin Mints recipe printed out and ready to put in when he brought the set home.



I have been wanting these cookbooks ever since she announced they were available! I just felt like I couldn’t afford to buy them.  I can’t wait to create some Tammie masterpieces from these gourmet recipes. I have tasted her Tammie gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that she always serves them at homeschool gatherings and her black bean salad and they are delectable. They are great because they are based on whole foods, although she doesn’t teach about how to soak grains/legumes/flour like Sally Fallon does. I will just have to adjust when I use her grains and legumes recipes. And I have the same quibble with these as i do with my dear girlfriend Jonell, over at http://myfeelgoodfoods.com, in her My Feel Good Foods Cookbook, that canola oil is not a whole food! That’s what Rebecca Wood, author of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, claims. See http://rwood.com. I always substitute melted butter for canola oil if it’s for baking or olive oil if it’s for a dressing.



So I got another pleasant surprise this month. And it’s not even December. Thank you Tammie!

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