Do You Want A Beautiful Baby and a Pain-free Labor and Childbirth?

Here’s my beautiful niece, all gussied up for her baby blessing day!


Every pregnant mother dreams about having a beautiful baby. Fortunately, fairly cute babies usually happen without much thought or effort, even sometimes to drug addicted moms.


But did you know that what you eat when you are pregnant increases your baby’s beauty and health? What you eat when you are pregnant can confer long-time beautiful and healthy features. Exactly what healthy and beautiful features am I talking about? How about a child who will never need glasses or contacts? How about a rounder head, broader face with no pinched nostrils, wide dental arch so that there is no overcrowding of teeth or impacted wisdom teeth. How about no ear infections, allergies or autism? How about starting off this beautiful baby with a beautiful, pain-free labor and childbirth? Sounds not only good, but GREAT to me, I’m in!



This is knowledge that every mother in Zion needs to make beautiful babies for our lovely Deseret, where we have a “multitude of children bright and strong.”



A few years ago I got to see the list of some youth going on a “Handcart Pioneer Trek” for their LDS stake. This was a list of several hundred youth. I was saddened that almost all of them were on medications that they needed to take with them so that they could daily function. What is going on here? Are we LDS moms so ignorant of nutrition that all we do nutrition-wise is follow the “don’ts” in the Word of Wisdom? Are we truly creating a generation of youth that can “run and not be weary/” I think it’s time to get educated about what real nutrition is and our role as Tree of Life moms who give thriving, beautiful life to their children starting before birth.

We can build a Zion full of happy, healthy children from our placentas, then our breasts, and then our kitchen counters! 



An amazing new online course, called How We Make Our Beautiful Babies, is starting, created by Kristen Michaelis of It goes at your own pace and uses videos and text. If you are pregnant or want to be pregnant in the future you will want to take this course. If you want to be pregnant and can’t because of infertility or repeated miscarriages, you will want to take this course. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why traditional cultures rarely experienced infertility.
  • Why white flour and modern oils are bad for you and your baby.
  • How you can avoid ADD, autism, and allergies.
  • How to treat infections while pregnant without resorting to antibiotics or risky over the counter medications.
  • How you can have a pain free birth without pain meds or an epidural.
  • The truth behind common myths about saturated fat, cholesterol, listeria, and consumption of caffeine and alcohol during pregnancy.
  • What foods are eaten in traditional fertility diets and why.
  • Natural childbirth options.
  • Breastfeeding basics and troubleshooting.
  • When and how to introduce baby’s first foods.
  • How quality sleep can reduce your chance of cesarean section by 50%.
  • How to make these changes in affordable, realistic ways.

For a more in-depth look at each class, check out the Class Schedule



Here’s a quote from the How We Make Beautiful Babies web site:

“Look around you, and you’ll see something tragic. Couples are struggling with infertility. Pregnant women are battling swelling, nausea, and complicated births. Young children are reaping a whirlwind of poor health, poor eyesight, and more. All of this because of a lack of public knowledge about (and access to) the farm-fresh, nutrient-dense foods of animals raised on pasture.”

And, that’s why we encourage you to participate in this class.
For more information, please click on the banner at the top of this website.

Your baby will thank you for eating healthy and so will your body!




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