Hope for Preventing and Making Up for Holiday Bingeing

If you are like me, you enjoy food! So much you sometimes overeat. Actually, I don’t do it much if at all anymore. Taking coconut oil helps. If you are deathly afraid of bingeing this holiday season, get some coconut oil. Eat 2 Tbsp. before a meal or a party where you know there will be food and you will be too full to eat too many goodies. Eating healthy fat like coconut oil and plenty of saturated fat is the key to not overeating carbs!

But if you don’t follow my suggestion and binge anyway or  just need some hope that there is a smaller size within you. Take a look at this…

I am so inspired about this woman, a mother of 12, who went from a size 22 to a size 6 and has kept the size for three years!

She did it through this exercise system called T-tapp. You can read more about her story here http://www.t-tapp.com/success/charlotte/default.html

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