Freedom Bowl Pictures

Saturday January 14 was a great day for the Freedom Bowl, sponsored by, and  I get positively giddy about competitions like this. It’s my inner nerd. I just love academic competitions!  I am so thrilled that my kids have picked it up. These kids had to answer questions about the founding of our nation and the Declaration of Independence. My son won in his age division, the juniors,ages 12-13. I am soooo happy about that!  Now he gets to go to AYLI’s Simulations Week for free in June! Here they are in all their glory.

My daughter has won first place for three years in a row  (twice in seniors and once in juniors) and my oldest child, a son, has won first place three times, I think, and second place once. They both have moved on to bigger and better things, now that they are 16 and 18, and doing Williamsburg Academy ( and college (

Here’s the third place team, also from Davis County. We were well represented, with four teams there and three teams that placed, two in the junior’s division and one in the senior’s.  I missed the pictures of the second place junior team.

The champions in the senior division was the team that my two older kids beat last year and the year before. They came back and won this year and are all 18 now and so this was their last year. Some of them were on my son’s team the first year he competed and won with him.

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