Happy Birthday Shannon Hale!

One of my favorite authors, LDS mom Shannon Hale, is having a birthday today. I absolutely adore her books Goose Girl and Princess Academy. I’ve read Austenland too but think that one is more brain candy than a classic read. We listened to the former on CD on a family trip to Lake Tahoe five summers ago. It made the trip so memorable. I read Princess Academy about six years ago. It is the best girl book around! So powerful! So if you are looking for a good read, get one of her books today! I took this photo at the Treehouse Museum, where they have a life sized poster of her inside a display case with her books. I snapped it on my birthday. Right now she’s just a Facebook friend, but someday I want to meet her. She is living proof that you can achieve your dreams! Read her blog here http://squeetus.com

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