Recap of the 2012 Tree of Life Mothering Conference, Recordings are Available

The conference last Saturday rocked! I learned so much from the presenters. Neurons, natural law, John Locke, Helen Andelin, and sprouts, oh my! I loved every minute of it. We also heard about using a prayer journal as a vibrant health habit, the three most important things to teach your children, and this, from an LDS anesthesiologist, that natural family planning is the way to go and why birth control pills can cause abortions/miscarriages. This was the husband of my girlfriend. Go Tony! Dr. Anderson, who was advertised as coming, said he couldn’t come at the last minute, so he is emailing an mp3 recording of his presentation to all the participants.

If you wanted to attend and couldn’t you can buy the recordings. (All attendees got the recordings as part of their admission.) We did it as a webinar because there weren’t a ton of people who registered. So to save on gas the presenters stayed home and we did it online in our pajamas.  You can buy the recordings here . They are in Elluminate format, so you can’t download them onto mp3 players, you have to use your computer. To get the recordings, send $50 to the paypal account, info at treeoflifemothering dot com.

Here are a few tidbits:

Karen Kindrick Cox shared the pattern of how to raise a scholar who has a heroic heart and an insatiable desire to learn.Her enthusiasm was infectious!

Leah Shingleton shared about how to be great at the womanly art of wifing. She shared the #1 trait that makes a woman attractive to her husband. She told her story of knowing her great-aunt, Helen Andelin, who was the author of Fascinating Womanhood.

Audrey Rinslisbacher shared so many beautiful quotes from John Locke, about where natural law comes from, what property is, and an example in the Book of Mormon of how people found happiness from following the pattern of natural law. I was furiously taking notes during this part.

Diann Jeppson shared about how moms have seasons of learning.

Kim Simmerman shared the 4 vibrant health habits she relies on to keep her going, using whole foods without burning out. That was a new angle to me, to hear that a spiritual habit of a prayer journal, is the foundation for temporal, whole foods habits.

Aneladee Milne told us her story of having a goal to run a half marathon and how her trainer has been great at supporting her. She likened that to parents and their job as mentors. She talked about emotional intelligence and what interferes with it.

Three moms, my friends, Jodanna, Michele, and Caralee told their stories of having pain-free labors and childbirths. I’m all for that!

Then Anne and Colette shared their stories of discovering natural family planning and why they believe in it as LDS women. Anne’s husband, Dr. Faber, added in his .02, as I wrote above. Dr. Anderson was not there to present but he has an mp3 recording to share with those who participated and those who order the recordings.

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