Are You Stuck? Want a Fabulous Mentor to Help You With Breakthroughs?

My friend Stacy Harmer is a beautiful, principle-based woman, a wife, and mother of many. She has gone through some trials but has not only survived but thrived! She is doing a free conference call this Friday March 23 for women who are looking for breakthroughs. Here is her message:

During the past year I’ve witnessed a number of miracles in both my immediate and extended families.  A little less than a year ago my husband and I traveled to China to welcome our little daughter Gabriella Grace into our family.  We’ve been privileged and blessed to watch her transform from a malnourished, lethargic 20-month old into a thriving, energetic, contagiously happy member of our family.    
Over the past several years I’ve had the good fortune to have witnessed or participated in a number of similar transformations, including my own.  As most of you know, six years ago our lovely daughter Olivia suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in her sleep.  Few of you know that I subsequently slipped into, and later recovered from, a deep clinical depression.  Based in part on those experiences, and on years of formal and informal study, I’ve created a 6-week mentoring program to help women move through barriers in their lives to experience major breakthroughs.  I’ve identified  a number of life-changing tools that can transform people’s lives and provide healing, hope, clarity, and passion.  Some of the results you can expect to see from my mentoring program include:
Ø  Releasing negative emotions and creating a more open heart
Ø  Discovering your purpose and passion
Ø  Creating the life of your dreams through the power of your mind
Ø  Connecting more deeply to your Higher Power and strengthening your spiritual practices
Ø  Discovering ways to properly nourish your body and lose weight
Ø  Setting up structures and systems in your life
Ø  Sharing your gifts and talents with the world
I would love to reconnect with you and have you join me with my next mentor group!  You can learn more about my mentoring program on my website:  When you visit, be sure to click on the side bar to receive my free audio download, entitled “5 Secrets to Bounce Back from Anything!”  
I’m hosting a free conference call this Friday, March 23 at 1:00 pm Mountain Time to introduce the mentoring program.  I’d love you to join in.  To access the call, simply dial
The access code is 389736#  
Of course, there’s no cost or obligation to participate in the introductory call.  On the call I’ll outline what is entailed in the 6 week program.  The call will also be recorded if you can’t make it at that time. The cost for the program is $97, but I’m offering the 6-week program for a Spring Special price of only $39 if you sign up by March 31!  And if your finances are tight, please talk to me personally so we can something out; I don’t want finances to preclude anyone from participating.
I hope that you’ll consider joining us in creating a community of women to strengthen, support, and encourage one another in living our purpose and passion!  Please send me a quick email if you’d like to participate or know of anyone that could benefit from this.  Thanks so much!
The following are testimonials from women who participated in my pilot program:

This program is life changing.  It really helps to break into baby steps the things you can do to take control of your life and feel increased peace and serenity.  Stacy is a wonderful mentor and has a wealth of knowledge, resources and experience that equip her to motivate and inspire women to discover who they are and be their best selves!  —  Melanie Connell

I had been struggling for years to put my life in order.  I have felt a lot of stress and confusion as I tried to know what to do first and in what order to pursue healing in my life.  I felt like I was always running around, using all my energy, and still not making any noticeable progress.  I was very frustrated and worn down.  This Breakthrough Mentoring Program came into my life at the perfect time for me.  Looking at my life in the symbolism of a tree helped me to put things in order and know where to focus my energy.  One of the most powerful aspects for me was learning how to nourish my mind.  I never thought that taking care of the thoughts I believed would change my whole life for the better.  This program has changed my life in beautiful ways.  I feel so much more whole and peaceful.  What a blessing Stacy and her mentoring has been in my life. —  Christine Isom

This program came into my life at exactly the right moment.  I was so ready to take the steps Stacy outlined.  I felt a loving bond and admiration for all the women in my group. Stacy led the group with grace and charm.  I am so excited to continue on the path the “Break Through Mentoring Program” has set out so clearly for me. —  Kerry Smitheram

Stacy is a caring, inspiring coach and mentor.  Because she lives what she teaches, she has moral authority.  Filling you with ideas and clarity, you are in the driver’s seat and have the wheel, yet she is there to support your life’s journey.  I appreciate the growth I made with this program.  It truly was a break through process for me.  Giving me tools and a plan, organizing it into a lifestyle, and making it easy to implement, it helped me to progress forward with passion and healthy systems.  I became clear on what I really wanted and became a better me, wife, and mother because of it.  Thank you!  —  Debbie Warner
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