I Highly Recommend the ACE the ACT Boot Camp

If you have college-bound students, ages 14 and older, and live on the Wasatch Front, I highly recommend you sign up for the ACE the ACT boot camp with Ann Meeks. These are the last Boot Camps that Ann will probably offer until the fall. She really knows her stuff! Here’s an endorsement from one of her fans:

Dear Mrs. Meeks,

My name is Rebecca and I attended your ACT Boot Camp Class last spring. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I was the girl who had some major test anxiety. You talked to me after the class for awhile and helped me break down my fears into manageable steps. Anyway, I did what you told me to do. I also took a lot of practice tests over the summer using the ideas I got in the Boot Camp. After all that hard work, I was able to get a 29 on my September ACT. I actually cried when I got the score back. My college dreams are about to come true. Like you said, I had to do the work, but the Boot camp gave me the confidence to do it. I wish every kid at my high school could take this class.

Thank you again,

Rebecca L

If you want registration info comment below and I will get you the info.

The first one is going to be in April, at the American Heritage School, the private LDS-based school across from the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.

The dates are:

Class 1: Saturday, April 21 from 8am-12 pm Practice Exam
Class 2: Thursday, April 26 from 4pm-8pm Boot Camp – Testing Skills, English, Math
Class 3: Saturday, April 28 from 8am-12 pm Boot Camp – Science, Reading, Writing
All classes will be held at American Heritage School; 736 North 1100 East American Fork (801) 642-0055
Required Text: The best ACT study guide in my opinion (and Ann has surveyed them all!) is included in the cost of the
Boot Camp. You will be able to use this in your individual study as well as during the ACE the ACT Boot Camp.
Cost: The cost is $120.00 for the Boot Camp and Practice Test if payment is received by April 16, 2012. The cost is
$145.00 for the Boot Camp and Practice Test if received after April 17, 2012. The Practice Test without the Boot Camp is
$30.00. The Boot Camp without the Practice Test is $120.00.

The next ones will be in Springville and then in Ogden UT.

Merit Academy Boot Camp
Class 1: Tuesday, April 3 from 4pm-8 pm Practice Exam
Class 2: Thursday, April 5 from 4pm-8pm Boot Camp – Science, Reading, Writing
Class 3: Saturday, April 7 from 8am-12 pm Boot Camp – Testing Skills, English, Math
All classes will be held at Merit Preparatory Academy – 1440 W Center Street, Springville, UT 84663, 801-491-7600

Davinci Academy Boot Camp
Class 1: Wednesday, May 30 from 4pm-8 pm Practice Exam
Class 2: Thursday, May 31 from 4pm-8pm Boot Camp – Science, Reading, Writing
Class 3: Friday, June 1 from 4pm-8pm Boot Camp – Testing Skills, English, Math
All classes will be held at Davinci Academy – 2033 Grant Ave, Ogden, UT 84401, (801) 409-0720

Here’s my review of the boot camp. I wrote this review 2 years ago after I hosted the event with my son participating. Since then, he did increase his score by two points (he already had a high score, and the higher score you have the harder it is to increase it). He got accepted with a half-tuition scholarship to BYU, which he declined so he could accept the full-tuition scholarship to GWU.

Here’s what I wrote, and I still stand by it:

I feel so vindicated! Hosting this ACE the ACT boot camp last spring was so validating. The week before the boot camp we held a practice ACT test. My sixteen-year-old scholar phase son did very well on the test. Well enough that he could qualify for a scholarship at any state university. So now we want to boost that score so he can get a scholarship to a private school, or be extra smart when he tries out for the Andau scholarship for GWU. (I have heard that GWU will be requiring the ACT in the future when it gets accredited, so even if your student only wants to go to GWU, taking the ACT may be in his or her future.)

So I told myself, YES, your homeschooling is working! At least it’s working for my son. He’s naturally brainy anyway. I have been homeschooling him his whole life, except for maybe the year he took at Open High School, an Internet charter high school which was taken at home. I switched to TJED when he was about 12 or 13. So he’s had very little standardized testing, very little packaged curriculum, LOTS of reading of the classics, and LOTS of LEMI classes, including LOTS of discussing the classics. This is a prelude to the harvest I feel is coming when he actually takes the real test and then gets scholarship offers. 🙂 OK, now I will come down from my beaming mother in the clouds mode and start telling you about the course.

Ann Meeks, who has a bachelor’s degree in English teaching from Utah State University and a Master’s Degree from Geroge Wythe University in education, wrote this course for her master’s thesis. It is a two day class. One day is the practice ACT test, the other day is the boot camp, a full day of instruction on how to ace the ACT. The course costs $99 for the boot camp (early bird price, $120 late price) and $20 for the practice test. Students can take one or the other or both. You can have the test before the boot camp or after.

I highly recommend this course to every college-bound student, especially homeschoolers. I give it five out of five stars. Ann spices up what many would term as a dull day in nerdsville with her fun personality, giving out candy, and by showing occasional Youtube videos to illustrate her points. She gives so many secrets. Here’s one that I will share with you.

The best book to use to prepare for the ACT is the Princeton Review Guide called Cracking the ACT. She says not to get the one published by the ACT company because they don’t want to see you ace their own test, so they will not tell you all the
secrets. A copy of the Cracking the ACT book is included in the price
of the course.

Ann is very encouraging. She claims that anyone who wants to work hard enough can get the score that they want. She acknowledges that the ACT score is not a measure of
intelligence or character, it simply shows how well you can take the
test. She points out that a high score is worth working for because
it opens doors for you (scholarships, entrance into certain colleges)
that will otherwise stay closed. Your mission phase may involve these doors to
be opened.

I wish I had known all of this when I was taking the ACT. She covers every
section of the test. Her friend Cyndi Hampton, a math whiz and
homeschooling mom, teaches the math section. Cyndi is a TJED
homeschooling mom like Ann and taught math at Highland High School
before she had kids.You can contact Ann to organize a boot camp in your area. Comment below if interested and I will get you her contact info.
What a gift Ann has given to our budding scholars!

(An interesting aside: I asked Cyndi and Ann how the TJED key “inspire, not require” applies to math in homeschooling. They both acknowledged that when it comes to math, you do have to require if you are going to have a student ready to do
well on the ACT. They both said it doesn’t work to wait until the child wants to do math on his own.

Cyndi said that she inspires by bribing with treats,
which she lines up by the math page, to be eaten after the math page
is done. Cyndi and Ann both said that they use Mathusee. That’s what
I use too! (See mathusee.com.) So I felt vindicated again. When I
switched to TJED I had already been requiring math every day. My son was in the habit so he kept it up. Which was good, especially since his Pyramid Project LEMI class involved doing a certain amount every week. So he has not had to cram in the math
department to be ready for the ACT.)

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