Do You Want the Help of Angels? Then Do Family History and Temple Work! Here’s a Class to Help you…

NOT Your Grandmother’s Genealogy:  Discover YOUR People, Strengthen YOUR Family, & Emulate the Savior

Have you ever wanted the help of angels? Did you know you can unlock that help by doing temple and family history work? Did you know you can have the strength to stand taller, overcoming your obstacles, by connecting to the roots of your family history? Your family history is full of amazing stories that will inspire you and unlock heaven’s help to overcome your problems and help you find peace and joy.

Come learn how in this informative, fun, engaging class on Saturday April 28 from 9 AM to 11:30 AM MDT, onlineCost of this class is $20. Send an email to info at treeoflifemothering dot com if you want to register.

The class will be a webinar, presented by Claudia Sudweeks, family history expert. Claudia has a contagious enthusiasm for family history. (You can visit her site here and get some free handouts that describe the blessings that come from doing family history work.)

What do Google tools, storytelling, an amazing spectrum of media types & uses, personalized education, the ability to strengthen & bless your family, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ all have in common?  … They are all essential to the modern, dynamic world of family history.
Come hear stories, ideas, and spiritual principles that will forever reshape your perceptions of family history. Choose to be on the front lines to protect the family.  Learn the blessings promised for being involved in this work – blessings every parent desires. Watch as your time expands to fulfill your responsibilities.  Smash the myths like “It’s all done” and “It’s too hard and takes too much time.”  Understand why Elder Bednar is telling the youth, “The time is now!”  Prepare yourself to raise the family history generation. … You have been saved for this time.  Let’s get you excited to do what the Lord wants you to do.  Let’s change the world!
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