If You Are a Utahn Please Sign this Petition Against Common Core

If you live in Utah, I urge you to study what Common Core is all about and sign the petition here, http://utahnnsagainstcommoncore.com to repeal it. This is about maintaining local control of education. Bureaucrats in Washington do not know what is best for the children of Utah.

Here is a quote from the above web site:

If you’ve never heard about Common Core, it is an initiative funded by special interests and the federal government with the goal of nationalizing education. You may have heard that these are better standards, or that the standards were created by the states, or that states retain local control over their own standards. This does not match the facts. The evidence shows that Utah has already signed away local control of education to outside entities. It shows that Common Core related initiatives violate state law. It shows that President Obama dangled a seductive carrot in the form of Race to the Top grants to get states to play jackpot with our money and after inserting the million dollar coin came up short. There is still time to right the ship if we act now and get our leaders to take action to reverse this power grab and keep control of our education system.

Please visit the Evidence page to get the full story.

The following organizations are against Common Core standards:

Heritage Foundation
CATO Institute
Pioneer Institute
Utah Eagle Forum
Joyce & Dick Kinmont Family
LDS Home Educators Assn.
American Leadership Fund
Standard of Liberty
Proper Role of Government
United Women’s Forum
Principled Liberty Foundation
Citizens for Strong Families
Freedom for Utah Education
Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies

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