Mentoring the Family History Generation

In my homeschooling community (the TJED World) many have talked about “the hero generation.” That phrase comes from the book, The Fourth Turning. The book’s authors show that history, at least Western history, goes through cycles. Each cycle, or saeculum, has four generations. The generations follow a certain pattern of artist, prophet, nomad, hero. Each generation always comes of age during a certain season, or phase of the cycle.

Our youth coming of age today are of the hero generation. They are going to face a crisis, the winter season of the cycle, if history follows the pattern of these cycles, which most likely it will. What is the education they need to deal the way Heavenly Father would want them to deal with that crisis? Will they need the help of heaven to deal with that crisis? How can they access the help of heaven?

In October 2011 General Conference, Elder Bednar said that the youth of today have been prepared by history to do family history like never before, because of their agility with technology. He called on the youth to turn their tweeting and texting fingers to family history work.

Could this plea from an apostle be the answer to how the youth will gain the help from angels to lead us righteously through the crisis? I think so!

As a mom, you have the opportunity to mentor your youth. Youth are more likely to get excited about doing family history work if they see you doing it. The key to get excited about doing family history is to focus on the stories of the people involved. You learn the stories, then you do the work, and you get major blessings! I encourage you to come to this online class I am hosting to learn more. See description below:

NOT Your Grandmother’s Genealogy:  Discover YOUR People, Strengthen YOUR Family, & Emulate the Savior

Have you ever wanted the help of angels? Do you want angels to protect your children and guide them in these perilous times? Did you know you can unlock that help by doing temple and family history work? Did you know you can have the strength to stand taller, overcoming your obstacles, by connecting to the roots of your family history? Your family history is full of amazing stories that will inspire you and unlock heaven’s help to overcome your problems and help you find peace and joy.

Come learn how in this informative, fun, engaging class on Saturday April 28 from 9 AM to 11:30 AM MDT, onlineCost of this class is $20. Send an email to info at treeoflifemothering dot com if you want to register.

The class will be a webinar, presented by Claudia Sudweeks, family history expert. Claudia has a contagious enthusiasm for family history. (You can visit her site here and get some free handouts that describe the blessings that come from doing family history work.)

Here’s my story of discovering the exciting world of family history…

Growing up, I heard the common myths about family history and temple work, which is common if you are descended from pioneers: “Our ancestors’ work is all done!” and “Aunt so-and-so has found all the names.” My parents and grandparents did not tell me any stories about their ancestors. It was just over a year ago that my brother and his wife discovered that we are descended from not one, but three great men of American history: John Lathrop, a theologian exiled from England because he taught that the Church of England had no authority, John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley, Mayflower Pilgrims, and Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island.

this is a statue of Roger Williams.

I never knew I was descended from these great people. Learning their stories has totally helped me through my personal problems lately. Here’s an example from one of them. I read this children’s story to my children about Roger Williams. It’s called Finding Providence: the Story of Roger Williams by Avi. It’s a short chapter book, from the I Can Read Series. It’s very inspiring, and best of all, it’s the true story of my 12th great-grandfather.

The General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony found him guilty of heresy and sedition because he taught that the church in Plymouth was not sufficiently separate from the Church of England.   In January 1636 authorities came to imprison him. He escaped his home before they got there in the middle of the night. He walked 105 miles in deep snow to find the Wampanoag Indians and live with them. He bought land from the Indians that spring and founded Rhode Island.

Whenever I face a hard thing, I can think of Great-g’pa Williams and how he faced hard things, like walking in deep snow for 105 miles, without giving up his beliefs.

Your family has stories like this. Hey, You might even be descended from Roger Williams too! It is stories like this that make me want to find out more about Roger and his descendants and do temple work for whoever is eligible. I asked my sister-in-law to show me how to do the work. After a lesson, I was off! I found out that the work is not all done, the names are not all found, and that family history research is fun. I have been doing the work since New Year’s Day of 2011, and the blessings have been flowing. So come to the class to learn more!

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