Come to this Class for Free to Learn How to Have Your Kids Beg for School and Have More Fun as a Parent

My friend Mary Ann Johnson is presenting a fabulous class on Sat. June 2nd in SLC. It’s free with the promotional code below! I have learned so much from Mary Ann about how to have my kids beg for school. She helped me understand how to use the closet as in ingredient in homeschooling and how to have more fun as a parent. I highly recommend all of her stuff.

Here is her message:

This May I had the amazing opportunity

of creating a HUGE Closet called the

Love of Learning Center at the Salt Lake

City TJED Forum. It was a huge success

and I have received so many letters from

parents with really happy and excited children!


I can’t believe the impression the Love of

Learning Center has left on my children! 

They have not stopped talking about 

“that Love Center” since Saturday.  In fact,

they have been sharing all the cool things

they made and did to everyone who has come

over to our house. From the penny balloon 

(one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!) to

the origami butterfly and wallet, my children

came away from the LOL Center happy, 

excited and inspired. Olivia Votaw


We all want our children to have this kind of

excitement and enthusiasm for learning every

day, not just once a year.


You have had the “Closet” introduced to you

and maybe you have even created a Closet space.


However, I get emails and many of you start

out with a bang but somehow you just seem to

stop and others just never got started at all.


Most of you really want an “inspire not require”

space in your home but you just haven’t been able

to make it work. I have a solution for you.  


  • I want you to become an EXPERT on inspiring your kids!
  • I want you to have a Love of Learning center in YOUR home!
  • I want you to have more confidence and sweeter relationships!
  • I want you to learn the #1 thing that can transform your home!


So I have designed an all day workshop to help

you create your own Love of Learning Center so

your kids BEG  for school. This all-day workshop

is $97 BUT I want to give this workshop 

experience to you for $59 as a gift for making

an effort to learn how to create and manage a

Closet either through being part of the original 

pilot, attending a class or purchasing the Closet

Mastery Course. (Spouse is FREE)


This special pricing is good until June 2. So don’t wait.


Click here for details and to register for the workshop 

Use the promotional code – loveoflearning


This is a high caliber workshop designed to give

you some hands on experience with creating 

your own Love of Learning Closet.


You will work together with other parents to 

design a Closet and then learn how to take 

those Closet contents and turn them into weeks 

and yes, even months of inspired learning.


You will gain some expertise at finding, storing,

and then implementing fabulous learning

ideas in 30 minutes or less a week.


You will also learn the #1 secret to truly

connecting with your children in a way that

makes being with them truly magical.


Join me for a day and I will help you become a 

master at “inspire, not require”. 


 I want you to leave knowing what to do next. 


Click here for details and toregister for the workshop 

Use the promotional code – loveoflearning


I also want to give you some BONUS GIFTS

for registering before June 2 so that you can

motivate yourself when the “REALness” of

family life takes over –


  • A download of the radical new way to look at family time management The Family Chunk Clock 
  • A download of Filling your Closet on a Dime with Little Time
  • A download of Being Present, a key to connecting with children!
  • A download about the connection between learning and relationships Reading, Writing and Relationships 


I am so excited to share with you how to

create some real excitement and inspiration

in your home school! You are going to have

your eyes opened, get some clarity and go

home with some simple strategies to help you

have kids who beg for family learning time!

So don’t wait, take advantage of the special

pricing just for you and the bonus gifts and

become a Love of Learning Parent

Use the promotional code – loveoflearning


Mary Ann


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