Are You Feeling Stuck? Get Mindy for a Mentor and Change Your Life

I’ve been hearing about the power of mentors for years. In the past, I never even thought of having a mentor for me. It seemed like mentors were for my kids as they got older into scholar phase and for other people who are focusing on academics. But then I heard my good friend Aneladee Milne say that she has promised herself she will have a mentor for the rest of her life. So that got me thinking that maybe somehow I could attract a mentor. 

We all have a mentor in the form of God, who speaks to us through our conscience, it’s true. But sometimes we have a hard time distinguishing that voice. A great mentor will help you listen to that voice, your inner knowing, and help you attain what you are capable of. Sometimes mentors can see better than we can what we are capable of. They can also see our blind spots that cause us to stumble. I’ve seen the power of mentors in my own life. Sometimes they are informal and not paid, sometimes they are formal mentors who charge a fee and have regular meetings. I started a mentoring program last spring and got some great results, finally accomplishing a big step for me. That program ended in May, and now I am taking part in two different mentoring programs and loving those as well. 

If you are feeling stuck and having a hard time distinguishing the good voice in your head that comes from God from the bad confusing voices, I heartily recommend Mindy Heath as a mentor. Mindy is pictured in the photo above, just after completing a goal she set for herself of going down a zip line at the Olympic ski jumps in Park city that goes 50 mph! Mindy is a wife, mom, and loving neighbor. 

Photo credit from Mindy’s blog here

Mindy helps women find joy in their lives. She knows all about being stuck in hard experiences, like depression, financial troubles, health problems, and marital stress. She has found joy and clarity and now finds joy in helping other women breakthrough the clouds of negative emotions.

I had a great free mentoring session with Mindy recently. She gave me some powerful ideas that gave me hope for some thorny problems in my life. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. I felt great energy coming from her as she listened to me, helping me to identify what answers I might already know to help me. She also spent some time teaching me about helpful concepts that I didn’t already know about.  

You too can access the power of Mindy’s mentoring! No matter where you live, because she does mentoring by telephone. Go to Mindy’s web site HERE and watch her free video, and then sign up for her free newsletter on the right sidebar as well as a free mentoring session. You will be happy that you did! 

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