Free Audio and a Cool Course for Youth to Help them Do What They Know is Right

I got to hear this cool guy named Maurice Harker, of 

last Sunday. Maurice shared some very valuable information. Maurice is a professional therapist. He has studied how the brain works and how to use the brain to fight addiction and come off as conqueror. He shared that there is more to overcoming addictions and self-defeating behaviors than telling others or yourself to work harder, care more, or sing a hymn. It involves understanding how satan works to attack you, using your own brain. Maurice has studied the Book of Mormon and other scriptures and combined them with his understanding of brain chemistry to teach people how to conquer satan’s attempts to drag us down.

If you want the audio of this program, please comment below and I will send it you.

If you live close to Farmington, Utah, you can send your youth to the following course which is starting tonight July 26th at 6 PM. Aneladee Milne and Maurice created this program to help youth be “addiction-proof.” Aneladee teaches the course. If you want your youth to create righteous habits that you don’t have to keep bugging him or her about, this course will help with that.

Eternal Warriors for Youth

In years past, when Satan was intimidated by one of the up and coming Noble and Great Ones, he would attempt to have the warrior killed while he was still very young (i.e. Moses, Christ.) When Satan is intimidated by one of the Noble and Great Ones reserved to come forth in these, the last days, he attempts to have the warrior eliminated by derailing the warrior by tempting him to compromise his values and being lazy about his dedication to pray, scripture reading and goal setting. We expect that all of today’s youth will be hit with opportunities to participate in behaviors that, without intervention, have the potential of becoming highly problematic. Some of these activities have the potential of becoming addictive. Sadly, we have seen many youth lose sight of life’s potential because Satan clouds them in the midst of darkness. Your trained Eternal Warriors mentor is prepared to train these mighty youth and to help them to shed light in dark places and be ready to fulfill their fore-ordination as

Eternal Warriors

Eternal Warriors Students will learn:

  • Increased Spiritual/Biochemical/Emotional Discernment in order to recognize the more advanced/subtle Satanic Attacks.

  • Endurance to make sure his Heart/Mind/Spirit are strong enough to withstand the persistence of Satanic Attacks.

  • Skills similar to what is used by soldiers, athletes and musicians in order to be prepared for the Speed of Satanic Attacks.

The Eternal Warriors class is:

1. An eight week training course which students can repeat as often as needed

2. Students set 3 target behaviors to perfect

3. Students commit to completing 3 power activities each day – Pray, Write in Journal, Read Scriptures.

4. Students are motivated to perfect these behaviors and activities over the weeks through group accountability.


Days: Thursday

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Place: Farmington Public Works Bldg. 720 W 100 North

If you want to join the Eternal Warriors training class please contact:

Name Aneladee Milne

Phone 801-864-2893

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