The Marriage of the Healing Arts with the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

This is a message from my dear girlfriend Shauna (the lady in the picture above is not Shauna but the author of the book that Shauna endorses below):

In 1993, when I was in my Master of Social Work program at BYU the theories and practice of healing therapies included standard old school theories that included “talk therapy” and “group therapy”.  Shortly after I left BYU, I started to notice “interesting” therapies like Reiki and EFT emerging.  What is this stuff? I wondered.  How come they dont teach anything like this in college?


Even though I felt drawn to use these “new” therapies for my growth and healing, I was always a little unsure of their origin and “acceptability” within the LDS Church.  After years of many unanswered questions, I have found solid answers in Tamara Laing’s book “Healing Arts – A Gift From God”.   I have never seen anyone ever address the topic of “energy healing” from an LDS perspective that gives so much solid scientific information.  This is groundbreaking! Especially for those who are more prone to skepticism. 


Because of her daughter’s struggle with mental illness, Tamara was introduced to “Energy Therapy” through an old acquaintance.  Later, she “fortuitously met” a materials scientist on an airplane ride who later connected her with a world of scientists who were studying the very things she needed to understand in order to write “Healing Arts”.  This book contains a marriage between LDS theology of the “Light of Christ” and the scientifically recognized “Energy Fields” that surround, give life to, and control the human body.  Are the two fields of Religion and Science interconnected?  Read this book and you will see how all things are connected into “one great whole”.  Uncertain as to whether or not energy healing will help you and your family to heal?  Read on. 


As believers in the power of the Atonement and that Christ is the source of all healing, I had asked questions like: What is the “Light of Christ” as spoken of in the Book of Mormon in comparison to Oriental “Chi” that flows through everything?  What about prana?  What is an aura? Where are my emotions really stored?  How do I change my feelings about a negative situation when I feel powerless to make a difference?  This book will answer all such questions.


The information in Tamara’s book will help you overcome prejudice, ignorance, and fear about healing therapies.  Not only will you gain greater respect and hope in promises of healing the Lord gives through scriptures and prophets but also a foundational understanding of scientific “discoveries” that substantiate what we already know from scripture.  I believe that Tamara is a pioneer for laying the foundation for a new era of healing among all who have faith to be healed. This is a must read for anyone looking for further light and knowledge in the area of healing illness: emotional or physical.  “By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established”.  Here are two witnesses on healing (prophets and science); you can be the third.


Click here for more info:


“Healing Arts: A Gift From God” Regular price $27 +  $3 shipping/handling online,  Shauna’s bulk group discount $20 each.


How do I get the bulk price on the book?   Email me with how many copies you want and send money/check/ to:
Tamara Laing  
3813 W 5800 S
Roy, UT 84067.  
Want to pay by credit card or paypal – or want your book mailed?  You can log onto the site mentioned above and pay full price.


If you want to save on shipping, I will get the books and let you know when they arrive for pick up. I am not making any money, just want to share this book because it is true and I love it!  I have a terrific homeschool delivery ring to distribute items quickly and easily to each county or area.  I will let you know when and where you can pick up.


Much Aloha and healing,

Shauna Kaiserman:)

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