What Would You Do if You Knew You Couldn’t Fall?

That’s me up there on a cable, holding on for dear life to another cable! I can’t believe I did this! This is so against my usual modus operandi. I climbed up there using the telephone pole on the right. Then I had to turn myself around, then scoot my feet across the cable to a miniscule platform, attached to a tree, and then step up to another platform, where I got hooked up to a zip line and descended. Wa-hoo, it was fun!

Last Friday morning a bunch of homeschooling moms, most of us middle-aged and some of us overweight, gathered together to prepare for a Moms’ Retreat. We were the cabin mothers assigned to welcome and lead women, most if not all homeschooling moms, through a delightful experience of staying in the mountains for an evening and overnight and past lunch the next day, learning about revelation and coming closer to God.

So Melanie, the organizer, pictured in the photo below on the right, in the blue shirt, decided to scare us all by inviting us to participate in a ropes course at the Heber Valley Girls Camp. Angie Baker had talked her into springing this challenge course on us. It turned out Angie Baker couldn’t make it and Melanie was pregnant so she couldn’t go on it, but they still expected us to do it!

Sure, we all look happy here, but then we are told what they expect us to do!

We are having second thoughts!

Time to watch the first girl go up! You go Mary Ann! The two older women in the group, Grace Edwards, and Mary Ann Johnson (of http://home-school-coach.com/) were the first to go up!

I of course, took my time. Did I really want to do this? I generally avoid scary things as a rule. I don’t like roller coasters. I could picture looking down while on the cable and having my knees buckle under me. But as I saw more and more ladies line up to do it, that encouraged me. I took pictures of the others for a while, and my confidence grew. If they could do it, I could.  (to be continued in the next blog post)

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