New Ideas to Make Homeschooling More Fun and Meaningful

Do you feel this excited about homeschooling as the teacher in the picture above?

Are your kids feeling this thrilled?

I have ideas for you to make homeschooling more fun and meaningful!

1. Every morning at breakfast, either use your phone or laptop at the table, or go to your desktop computer before breakfast, and look up what happened on this day in history., Preview the day’s video and then share with your children if you approve. Share with your children what you think would interest them the most about the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI and WWII, sports, music, literary, and general events that happened that day. You could take it one step further in LaDawn Jacob’s way and have a map on your table that you keep covered with a plastic, transparent cover and look at where the events happened. Then you can use these events as a springboard for reading and discussing and making projects during your schooltime. If you feel really ambitious, you could do this research the week before and then get books and materials that tie in with these events and put them in your homeschooling closet. See Mary Ann Johnson’s web site HERE if you don’t know what a closet is.

2. To add spirituality at your breakfast table, focus on teaching one principle a week from the Book of Mormon. In 2004, the LDS church published a list of principles from the Book of Mormon in the January and July Ensigns. Here is the January link. Scroll down to get to the list, it’s after the timeline. In the past I have typed one principle in a big font and printed it out, then put it in a plastic page protector and taped it on the fridge. When I see an example of this principle in life or in the books we are reading, I mention it to the kids and we discuss. I have completely fallen off the wagon with this habit and want to get back to it.

3.  Use This is a Google site that shows you how to use Google Earth to view the places you read about in great books. I want to take all of them! I think we might start out with the trip for Make Way for Ducklings.

4. To build skills with your children during school time, keep the following books handy in your school closet or shelf and use them: Games for Math by Peggy Kaye, along with Games for Reading, Games for Writing, and Games for Learning, by the same author.  She also has Games for Books, that feature games based on picture books. I think Make Way for Ducklings is included. You can get them from your public library if you want to preview them. I bought mine over a decade ago with child #1 and still use them. They all have games that can be played with common household items, they are fun, and they work! I remember teaching my now 18 year old son how to multiply using one of the games as I cooked a big pot of soup while he followed the instructions from the book with paper and pencil in the Games for Math book.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a punishment for you or the kids.

Your kids can be engaged, learn, and have fun!

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