Free Mulch, All You Can Dig! My Prayers Have Been Answered!

This is the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a long time! Free mulch, all you can dig!

God has heard my prayers and answered them!  This might sound silly, but I have been dreaming about mulch. For years now we have had these two flower beds out front that I have weeded with my children countless times every summer. After much blood, sweat and tears getting children to weed with me, I’ve thought, “If we could just throw down 10 layers of wood chips on this dirt, the weeds won’t grow back!” But we couldn’t afford to buy wood chips. At least the amount we needed. One year we got two or three bags, but that wasn’t nearly enough. It just gave a sad, sorry, sparse, thin layer and the weeds grew back.

So I have been praying and wishing that God would send some mulch or some kind of groundcover my way. I have been scouting the free section on’s classified ads. I did find some groundcover rocks a family was giving away, but that would involve an hour trip one way.

Well, God heard my prayers and brought my attention to a flyer on the bulletin board in the public works building where my Eternal Warriors class meets every week. It said that the windstorm that knocked trees down last December has resulted in a huge pile of pine tree mulch. Free even, if you load it yourself. Oh yeah! I was totally onto this one! The best part is it’s only about ten minutes from my house.

When my eyes-hungry-for-landscaping-beauty saw this gorgeous pile of free wood chips I felt I had found nirvana. I felt like Hansel and Gretel must have felt when they were starving and then came across the house of candy in the woods. Let me at it! This pile of wood chips was like a mountain of chocolate for me!

The December 1, 2011 windstorm of Davis County has been the disaster that keeps on giving. At least for our family! Three of our biggest problems for our financially-challenged household have been solved by that storm. We got a new free roof, a new free fence, and now free weed blocker/ground cover/yard beautifier. I sure hope that the storm was not a huge problem for other people. For us, it has been a huge blessing. My husband even prayed last fall that a storm would to tear shingles off the roof so the insurance would replace it for free. Well, dear husband, who knew that your prayer would answer my prayer?

See how ugly our flower bed was? In desperation I settled on grass clippings to cover it, but that doesn’t work so hot. Especially when my lawn mower (11 year old son) keeps “forgetting” to put the clippings on the flower bed.

Of course the kids did a lot of playing on the mulch pile. I loaded up three bags with Venture, and then it started raining/sleeting/hailing in this psychotic Utah weather. Maybe it was the heavens weeping with me for joy! So we went home, and then we came back the next day with the little kids.

Maybe we will come back when it’s covered with snow!

The boys easily found some sticks. What is it with little boys and sticks?

This little girl is the biggest daredevil of them all. She slid and rolled and jumped off. Who needs Lagoon when Davis County has a mulch pile?

We got dirt in our hair and nose but it was so much fun!

Here’s how the flower beds look now…

Beautiful! I know it’s not going to last forever. But I am confident God will bring me more mulch when I need to apply more as this stuff decomposes.

We got tired out but are so happy to have received this blessing. Thank you God! I feel so humbled and blessed that He would answer my prayers for something so small and insignificant to most people. I have had so many hard challenges and disappointments this past year that this blessing really touches my heart.  I wonder how He is going to bless me next. I wonder how He will bless you next. I am determined to look for the hand of God in my life more and share the blessings he brings to me in this blog. I encourage you to pray and record how He blesses you daily. God is really very good!

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