My Son Got HIs Mission Call!

He’s going to the Tar Heel State! North Carolina, Charlotte mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! His mission president is a fellow Davis Countyite!

Grandma lent him her car so they could drive up north and open the letter with us, before my daughter went off to her dance class and a son went to scouts. (He’s been living at Grandma’s and working full-time.) They picked up some friends along the way to share the moment.

We are so excited! North Carolina is such a beautiful place. I wish I could drive him out there and see Mayberry (Mt. Airy- birthplace of Andy Griffith and home of the Andy Griffith museum) and Kitty Hawk.

Here he is reading the call, hiding the rest of it so no one can read ahead.

He’s happy to finally know! He will be treated to southern hospitality, Grandma assured him. She served a mission to Georgia.

Everybody’s glued to his laptop to see the mission map.

And he’s off, back to Provo to make it to his institute class. The younger kids had fun chasing him down the driveway and the street. They also had fun ambushing him when he walked in the door. What a fun big brother whom we will miss. I am glad we get a few more months before he leaves!

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